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    Apple on top bowls

    Hibestly its not difficult at all perfect flow the bowl is so simple to clean and ot save money i used to use vortex signature bowls but they break to easily this has been THE bowl to conquer all bowls
  2. logicowl

    Apple on top bowls

    This is the first post i e ever had on here so here goes. Ine day i was at a local smoke shop and saw this epic bowl just chilling on a counter. One look at it and i was ready to buy. The bowl is complete stainless steal with a silicone grip on it so you can handle this bowl while its hot. Its super easy to clean and usually just wipes clean with no chemicals nor water. The bowl also allows for awesome smoke it has a single spire that points up from the center with 5 holes shooting down. The bowl also vomes woth its signature apple leaf top so you dont need foils.