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  1. Hookah Ninjas are back with another review of a quickly growing accessory - the Kaloud Lotus (Heat Management System), and the Kaloud Samsaris (Silicone shisha bowl). Overview: I purchased the Lotus heat management system because I wanted something that I could use to maximize my hookah sessions, and that's exactly what this does! I get an average of 1-1/2 to 2 hours per session using only 2 Coco Nara coals (occasionally I'll add 1 more coal to increase the heat after an hour). The Samsaris bowl is a perfect compliment to the Lotus - I would even recommend the bowl over most traditional clay bowls. It fits perfectly into my need in trying to maximize my sessions. It holds 15-20 grams, and the flavor holds for 2+ hours! The Good: Heat Management - I've used this 12-15 times now, and I've never had issues with harshness. This makes heat so very easy to manage - just simply give the top a 1/4 turn to open the chambers to cool, and 1/4 turn to close the chambers for more heat! It is ideal for inside or outside smoking. The Lotus acts like a built-in wind cover! Taste - Since the coals are not sitting directly on top of the shisha (with only a thin layer of punctured foil separating ash from tobacco) you never get the ash taste, nor do you get the burning shihsa taste from heating up the top layer of the tobacco too quickly. Handling - The Lotus has a very convenient rubber cover on the handle that is used to manage the heat. Since the bowl is made from silicone, it is always cool to the touch! This makes it much easier to handle the bowl post-session for take-down. Aesthetics - Looks amazing! I have many different types of bowls, some exotic, some traditional, and this one by far gets the most compliments. It has a simple, yet futuristic look to it that really compliments any type off hookah size or style! Functionality - I'm anal about my hookah gear purchases, so naturally I read a TON of reviews on this guy before purchasing. I was skeptical when reading that no grommets are required for the bowl to secure, so I was delightfully surprised when I tried it for the first time and it is a perfect fit! I tried it on my 16" hand-made chrome Egyptian hookah, my 20" Caravan, my 22" KM mini-beast, my 36" KM Blue Pear, and in every case - it fit perfectly and air tight. Very impressed. Another major win is that I've tried a few different brands of coals to see if they would all fit in the chamber with the top on - and once again in every case, there were no issues. I've used Coco Nara coals, Fumari coals, Lavoo XL coals, and more! The only style coals I would forsee issues with is larger circular coals like Starbuzz Premium Instant Light coals. Finally - it is important to note that this bowl/device is shisha-universal. I've had some bowls and setups where certain shisha brands did not work so well. This one can run them all perfectly from the wettest of wet to the finest of cuts. I've personally Tried Fumari, Al Fakher, Starbuzz, Fantasia, Haze, Social Smoke, and Tangiers with zero issues. The Bad: Clean-up - I wouldn't say this is necessarily a bad thing, just that it isn't good. The Lotus sits pretty low on the Samsaris bowl, and this can cause it to touch the tobacco (depending on how you've packed it). After a full session, the tobacco can essentially melt onto the bottom of the Lotus. I've tried a lot of different things to clean up some of these spots, and it is very difficult. The spots do not harm the functionality of the setup, they just aren't pretty to look at (since it's on the bottom, you can't see it while smoking anyway). The Samsaris has a lot of negative reviews on its cleanup, although I have not found it to be so difficult to clean. When compared to a traditional clay bowl, it's a little more involved - but it really isn't terrible. The trick is to use a cloth or paper towel to wipe out all of your shisha before rinsing. Price - Not cheap. I've seen the Lotus priced anywhere from $35-$45, and the Samsaris $35-$45 as well. The best deal I could find was at signaturehookah.com. I purchased both as a combo for $59.99. Even at its best price, it is still much, much more expensive than most typical bowls. Overall: Awesome. Easily one of the most important hookah accessories that I own. With how many coals, and how much shisha I'm saving per session with this, it will more than pay for itself after a year of use when compared to a larger egyptian-style clay bowl. This device is easy to use, but complex enough for the most experienced smokers. I've been smoking hookah regularly for more than 10 years, and I am amazed at how much better everything tastes, and how much longer everything lasts. " 10 out of 10, a must-own for any Hookah smoker regardless of experience level" - Hookah Ninjas
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    Hookah Cases

    I'm not sure if you're like me, but I like to bring my hookah everywhere - friends' houses, parties, church... "ok, maybe not church." I have always been searching for the perfect bag with all of them falling short of the things I need/want from a carrying case: - Durability (I had a Fumari bag that lasted less than 1 month) - Lots of storage space (I have a lot of crap, and I want it all in 1 place) - A way to secure my hookah in place (I have a lot invested in my hookah and the last thing I want is to hear it flopping around in a case potentially getting damaged) - Different ways to carry (shoulder straps, handles) After many failed attempts at cases/bags that were sold specifically for hookahs (I've tried soft cases, hard cases, branded cases and bags), I decided to take matters into my own hands and search for something outside of the box... That's when I came across the most brilliant idea in Hookah case history! A guitar case! I know this sounds a little crazy at first, but hear me out. Guitarists need to transport a fragile/valuable piece of equipment that is long/awkwardly shaped, and they need a lot of storage for extra parts and pieces - sounds familiar, right? I bought a full-sized soft guitar case for my 34" KM and it worked so well that I decided to get another for my 22" KM Mini Beast (I bought a ukulele bag for my mini)! Here's how the guitar bag stacks up with my wants/needs: Durability: The case I chose has the thick zippers that you'd see standard on most heavy-duty gym bags. All of the straps are well-secured with thick clips and double/triple stitching. This sucker is made for the long-haul. Storage Space: I cannot describe to you how perfectly this has worked. The shape of the bag is impeccable. The interior of the case is well-padded, and there are TONS of pockets to store some of or even all of my gear. I even store up to 3 hoses inside! Securing Hookah: Wider near the bottom, narrower near the top, and it even has an internal Velcro strap that secures the stem right near the center. I leave my hookah fully-assembled (even with the bowl in tact) and it is a nice, snug fit so it doesn't move around. Carrying: The large case that I chose has 3 methods to carry. Briefcase handle (A handle to carry the bag briefcase style the long way) Should strap (Similar to a gym bag strap) Backpack Straps (Ergonomic and very comfortable for longer distances) Overall Rating 10 out of 10 Here are links to the 2 that I bought: This is the one for my large hookah (pictured below) http://www.bestbuy.com/site/skb-gig-bag-for-most-electric-guitars-black/9901505.p?id=1218191877087&skuId=9901505 This is the ukulele bag for my 22" http://www.bestbuy.com/site/lanikai-hss613-tenor-ukulele-gig-bag/1306807256.p?id=mp1306807256&skuId=1306807256 Follow us on Twitter @HookahNinjas Check out the photo! I hope you enjoyed my blog!