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  1. Buying a hookah - for beginners

    Just a customer. I liked the prices they offer. And I get some loyalty points if someone uses my link to buy something. Does not matter anymore haha
  2. Buying a hookah - for beginners

    Thanks for the feedback! The reason I offer KM's because I found some cheaper ones online (not fakes or anything) and I believe cheaper KM's are best hookahs in that price range. (~50 usd).
  3. Buying a hookah - for beginners

    Hello everybody, Just wanted to share a simple tutorial I wrote for every hookah beginner out there. I am posting this here for two reasons - in hope that my article my be useful for someone and I would like to know your opinion on my article overall. Please keep in mind I wrote this for complete beginners, I know I could have included things like bowl types and more advanced stuff but In my opinion that stuff is more of a taste choice and it is the best way to choose what you need by experimenting with hookah. Link to the article: chilloutattic.com/choosing-hookah-hookah-buyers-guide/ Any feedback is welcome, and if you find it good or useful, please share it !