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  1. Questions for the Arab Community!

    I think you have it spot on my friend! Thanks. My campus is filled with many Arabic Students and everyone I talk to I get the same answer for hookah preferences: Nahkla Double Apple with three to four coals.
  2. Questions for the Arab Community!

    That's the thing though. Yes, the moderen brands are meant to attract American College Aged adults. But, alot of them do a really good job at a key few flavors. Starbuzz for instance has a couple good flavors that are in my personal top 10. Fumari is an underdog with many unique and juicy flavors.
  3. April Hookah.org Giveaway

    Starbuzz: 1. Pirates Cave 2. Sex On the Beach 3. Blue Surfer Fumari: 1. Blueberry Muffin 2. Tropical Punch 3. Ambrosia Al Fakher 1. White Grape 2. Lemon with Mint 3. Jasmine
  4. Nights with my friends

    This is our typical night on a weekend or in the summer; Sometimes it's every day of the week when I have inventory. Every one of us have our own individual jobs to prepare the hookah. Some of us provide coals or foil while I provide the shisha, and the hookah.
  5. Smoking Right Now Thread

    I agree, it's a hit or miss for most people. It's the same with flavors like Pan Rasana, or double apple.
  6. Smoking Right Now Thread

    I don't know I guess it grew on me. I've fallen in love with floral cedar flavors.
  7. Smoking Right Now Thread

    I'm Using my Four Hose Egyptian Voodoo. I usually only use it when I have a group of friends and we smoke down in my dungeon of a basement, or when I have my KM at the hookah lounge I work at. Right now I'm smoking Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell.
  8. Questions for the Arab Community!

    What do you guys think of the American brands of shisha? (Ex. Starbuzz, Social Smoke, Fantasia, Fumari, etc.) Also what is your favorite brand/flavor?