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    KM Mini Kafae, Voodoo 4 hose Egyptian, Voodoo 1 Hose Pumpkin
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    Fumari, Starbuzz, Al Fakher
  1. parson44

    Nights with my friends

    This is our typical night on a weekend or in the summer; Sometimes it's every day of the week when I have inventory. Every one of us have our own individual jobs to prepare the hookah. Some of us provide coals or foil while I provide the shisha, and the hookah.
  2. parson44

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I agree, it's a hit or miss for most people. It's the same with flavors like Pan Rasana, or double apple.
  3. parson44

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I don't know I guess it grew on me. I've fallen in love with floral cedar flavors.
  4. parson44

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    I'm Using my Four Hose Egyptian Voodoo. I usually only use it when I have a group of friends and we smoke down in my dungeon of a basement, or when I have my KM at the hookah lounge I work at. Right now I'm smoking Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell.