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    Tacoma (Tacompton...)
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    Music, books, exotic pets (pythons & arachnids), wood work, leather work, pokemon (core games), bass guitars, vaping & making my own liquid (which will translate to good shisha when I get around to it), knives & swords, movies, everclear (190 proof only), comic books, longboarding (skating, as I have many different styles of boards), dungeons and dragons (I'm old(er) school, so 3.0 & 3.5 only, spent a lotta moneys on that set not looking to buy a whole new set of 5.0), & wanna get back into R/C Cars again :3

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    KM Dark/Syrian Prince, KM Platinum Kamanja, ??? Lebanese 4 hose Chiller, 3x 'lesser' hookahs...
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    Tangiers, Al Waha, Al Fakher, Nakhla
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    Tangier's Boysenberry (Birquq), Tangier's Peach Iced Tea, Nakhla (most), and though I'm fairly tired of Fumari, if you make a spiced chai bowl in an orange bowl (or better, a blood orange bowl) that's my signature bowl and gets nothing but ravings from my friends!

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  1. Mister Thrice

    Is this mold/rust

    The pic of the intake ports into the jar do look like rust. Some white vinegar and baking soda should remove it pretty easily, and then polish with some coconut oil to keep the rust away. I'm going with food grade everything because not only am I some kind of hippie/eco nerd/herbalist guy, but it's cheaper, easier on the hookah, and wont impart funky tastes to your sessions. As far as the hose port goes, I would clean in the same way. Though, it does appear that the corrosion (if that's what it is) has began to eat at some of the metal. So maybe use a bit of sand paper or a dremel tool carefully to file the rough spots down a bit, then clean and treat with coconut oil. Hope this helps some!
  2. Mister Thrice

    My hookah is not giving enough smoke

    I'm concerned about the stem, the area that looks taped or has an acrylic connector above the hose port area? Is that tape? The stem should be an actual pipe, a solid tube running through the stem and heart, but it's hard to tell by the pics... Also, it looks as though your ball bearing may be metal? I recommend everyone to toss that piece of crap and get a plastic BB or airsoft pellet (bigger plastic BB) to replace them. They dont corrode, rust, or gunk up as easy as metal does. Also, when you clean your hookah next, put it in the base, and try 'hitting' the hose post like a pipe, and use your finger or palm or whatever to block the point of the stem where you put the bowl on. If there is any leakage, you should hear a faint hissing sound where the leak is. If not, then it means it's solid, and 99% chance its the purge valve BB. Those are my thoughts on the matter anyhow... Lemme know how it goes, and if the problem persists, maybe we can troubleshoot it some more :3 ...it's a beautiful hookah!!
  3. Mister Thrice

    Best Strawberry eliquid in India

    Looks tasty! May give that a shot when I get the time! I like to attempt to make my own shisha with a good eliquid (the only point of a 0% nicotine eliquid in my opinion!) and strawberry is done a million ways by a million people, so I'm always looking for that 'perfect for me' variant!!
  4. Mister Thrice

    Need tips on making my own orange flavored shisha!

    Though this is true, hookah is not just about clouds or flavor. There is tradition, culture, and a loose structure here, also a social element and other caveats that make the hookah community more than just a nicotine fix, or a cloud fix. While I vape also, I was using a hookah long before vape was even an idea, and I will stick with it because it's a hobby, a vice, and everything else I mentioned above, and much more... You don't necessarily need to 'decide between vaping and smoking a hookah' if you are into both, you can do both. I vape on the go, when I want a little nicotine fix, and when I'm home or at a friends or celebrating, or watching movies, I reach for my hookahs. Much classier, and enjoyable (in my humble opinion) than vaping. But everyone has their own opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own.
  5. Mister Thrice

    New Kaloud Lotus?

    Hey all, just checking in/checking up! Curious if anyone has tried the new, gorgeous looking Kaloud Lotus? I have an older model, and it doesn't have the raised 'ribs' on the tray inside the device to keep your coals lifted and stop them from blacking out. That feature alone looks worth it, but then how beautiful the new design is also turns my head!!! Really considering getting this beauty!! Any feedback?
  6. I agree!! This forum died, and I miss it... For me, the hookah community seems to ebb and flow, and seems almost like a fad for 'most' people, but I've been involved in hookahs since... I was a late teenager (just turned 37 this month). It didn't help that WA passed some stupid law in 2009 which ruined all my options for obtaining new, and my old favorite shishas, and up here, all any 'head' shop carries is fumari, or al fakher, and nakhla. I love al fakher, and nakhla, but man oh man am I tired of fumari, and oh how I wish tangiers!!! Yet, I still have my lovely ladies (my hookahs) and I still use them quite regularly, and I sure miss my online peeps to discuss new products with and hear about all these amazing new shisha's I'm gunna have to road trip two states south to get the opportunity to try!! lolz
  7. Mister Thrice

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Trifecta Tobacco, Mountain Fog. Through my Silver Lady, a KM Platinum Kamanja, upgraded and sexy :3 The Mountain Fog is a Mountain Dew Margarita with a hint of a cooling agent in it so it actually tastes a bit chilled. Quite lovely!! Glad I can get Trifecta in Seattle cuz Spokane is like 5 hours away!!
  8. Mister Thrice

    Need tips on making my own orange flavored shisha!

    Hey there, and congrats on attempting to make your own shisha!! You want clouds? Vegetable Glycerine!! You want good flavor? I make my own e-liquids for vaping, and the best orange flavors i've come across are Sweet Tangerine by a company called "Capella" and Blood Orange by another company called "Flavor West." I get my flavors from a website called wizard labs, and they offer multiple sizes of the flavors for a really good deal. I will give you a couple of 'tips' but as they are on flavorings, these are just my opinion, and your palette and mine could be quite different. If you are unsure about any flavor, get the smaller sized 'testers' is what I call them, little like 1/2 ounce bottles and they run a dollar or two, but when you do find a flavor you love, you can get bigger bottles of them, like 8 ounce bottles that come with nice twist and pour tops like a mustard bottle. Capella has a lot of flavors, and are considered one of the best in the biz, but, in my experience, their fruit flavors are not great, as in weak (so you need to add A LOT) or all candy flavored, which may be good for you, but when I want a fruit flavor, I want an actual fruit, like a ripe, tasty fruit, not a candy... The Capella Sweet Tangerine and Cantaloupe are my two favorites, and the only fruits I can really recommend by them... Flavor West is still new to me, but their blood orange is a go-to of mine now!! My highest recommended flavor company is The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) or The Perfumers Apprentice (Same company, two different names, not sure why). Most of what I've had from them are very good if not amazing, so it's a good starting point. Also, if you want things sweet, most of these flavors dont have a sweetener in them, including the sweet tangerine. You can get a sweetener from lots of places, but my go-to is called "Sweetener" by The Flavor Apprentice. It's a 50/50 mix of sucralose and ethyl maltol, and so it's a nice, rounded sweetener, which is a good general purpose sweetener. Hope this helps you out, and I'm curious to read how your shisha comes out!! Enjoy!!
  9. Trolling for good Shisha in WA, now *thats* a problem!!
    Any tips, tricks or suggestions will be truly appreciated!!

  10. Mister Thrice

    I've got hose

    I like sili hose... You got sili hose? snerk snerk
  11. Mister Thrice

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    lolol @ al fakher soap!! 27 years now, huh? Rock that!!! Tonight is a vape night, as I have to get up early for work tomorrow, but, I mixed up some "Sweet Cantaloupe Custard" about a week ago (takes about 6 days to 'cure' quite right), and I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!! It's interesting to me that vaping is all the same ingredients as shisha, the only difference is they isolate propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, as well as concentrations of nicotine (again in a solution of either PG or VG) as opposed to tobacco leaves (which have been washed to dilute the potency)... So since the flavorings are all the same, I want to try to make some shisha out of my more successful flavors... Like this Cantaloupe, and a Boysenberry Milkshake I made a while back... Going to try virginia tobacco for next shisha batch though, as the organic flue cured american tobacco was not my favorite, as well as the organic flue cured canadian (although the canadian stuff was much better, IMO)... I also use a better quality of honey than is suggested, but also want to experiment with molasses... Any suggestions on what kind of molasses I should go with? Tomorrow after work: KM Dark Prince (that Syrian one, Al Fakher 'knock off?') A.O.T. bowl, and mazaya tropicano... tasty tasty!!!
  12. Mister Thrice

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Thank you guys, I appreciate the advice and warm welcomes!! Yeah sub management at two companies isn't the way to go... It makes more than management at just one or the other, but not by much... The apprenticeship at least gives me a real marketable skill/trade that will serve me well in an out of the workplace... Always wanted to learn welding, but due to a local community college up here the welding market is flooded, and you'll always be underbid by... ten people... So I will just learn it to again benefit my personal life (i.e. fix my chopper!! Make things, etc.) Yeah, down time is on the horizon... Vacation, what's that? Lolz, I just wanna wear flip flops, short cargo khakis, a hookah shirt, big sunglasses, and have a little coconut drink with the little umbrellas!! Okay, maybe like three of those... Also there should be hookah, and when I'm walking to get food, my vape... I'm quite a snaub in the vape community now too, I don't forum or anything like that, but I've watched soooo much youtube DIY's and picked so many peoples brains at the vape shops I have a couple of shops that want me to work for them, but alas, no money there either... I wish you all the best with the springtime apprenticeship hunt, as it seems like one of the last of the 'real' jobs with all those bonuses and benefits and whatnot... Management seems like a dead end, until like 10 years in you *could* go district manager, but then, so much for staying in one place for long... Flights all over the place, hotel living... No thanks!! They wont even let you hookah in those!! DD- Sound advice about the relationship, for sure!!! Nope, this guy is going to be 100% independent, and self sufficient again. Too long have I spent on trying to make things work... Now it's time for my life to be the way I want it to be... Tonight for instance: Bahraini Nights by Al Waha. Keep buyin' this stuff up because it's so good!! It's like honey and molasses, and... Exotic? It's just good!! Going to have to pick me up a new hookah soon, I got the itch and it wont go away... See you 'round the forum ya'll!! <3
  13. Mister Thrice

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    HOWDY HOOKAH HOMEYS IT HAS BEEN TOOOOO DAMNED LONG!!!! Holy crap, life has thrown some serious curve balls at me lately, and all I can do is roll with the punches... Bought a minivan, its sick and I love it, broke up with girlfriend I've been living with for 4+ years, she is just too Alpha and inflexible, and I am too Alpha, but I flex too much for her... SO: I am getting my own apartment by New Year's Eve, a 2 bedroom 2 bath in a city just a bit north of Olympia (Lakewood). Also got a second full time job, so I'm a warehouse supervisor slash forklift operator, and a few months ago I got a warehouse/stockroom job at Dollar Tree, and inside a week got promoted to Assistant Manager and transferred to a better store... To top that off, my warehouse job has been jerking my chain about raises for 1 year, and 21 days now, and I don't give any job more than about a year of my attention span before I quit and find a better one if they dont take me seriously (and up my pay seriously) so I talked to a buddy, who has family high up in the Carpentry Union up here, and I put my application in, and one of the head guys is telling me I start Carpentry apprenticeship in the middle of this month. That Apprenticeship pays about $1000 a month more than BOTH of my current jobs put together, and, unlike BOTH of my current jobs, I get benefits, sick days, PTO, 401k, raises every 6 months, vacation, and weekends off, and unlimited overtime... So I get to quit both jobs, get a new place, fix up my minivan MY way, fix up my Chopper, and live like a KING for the first time in... well, more than ten years, lets leave it at that... I'VE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH I'M SO GLAD TO BE BACK!!!!! Due to working around 70-85 hours a week, with no days off (in over four months), I've picked up vaping again, but I got REALLY good at it... I make my own eliquids, I wrap my own coils (several styles), I have many mods, atomizers, and even some lab gear to make things as precise and clean as possible. In my studies, I've also learned LOADS about the flavorings used in shishas and eliquids, and will be able to make, what I'm hoping, is a seriously kick as shisha very soon (when I have weekends off and can fiddle with my hookah hobby, as it's very time-consuming, and time is a commodity I'm not rich in lately)... So tonight I celebrate. WIth my Khalil Mamoon Platinum Kamanja, sili hose, standard edgy bowl (snerk snerk), Kaloud Lotus (because I just love that thing, and I can be clumsy, and where I'm hookahing these days is in my separate bedroom which has carpet floors, and I can GUARANTEE some coal burns if I dont use the Lotus... ahem... just sayin...)... I am also relieved to see that FINALLY the hookah vendors are starting to hop onto the 'send us a pic of you with your ID and we will ship you shisha (tobacco products) like my eliquid vendors I've BEEN buying from for these last several months... SO FREAKIN EXCITED TO HAVE ACCESS TO TANGIERS AGAIN I CANT SEE STRAIGHT!!!!! I've been a good lil' vaper too, keeping my nicotine never higher than 0.04 in strength, so when I do hookah I still catch all my familiar, fuzzy buzzes from that I love, and crave... So I just had to rant, because I do that, and don't have a lot of places to do that, so HERE I AM DEAL WITH ME!!! <3 PS - I'm baaaaccck!!! lolz
  14. Mister Thrice

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Continuing my Egyptian and hole in the middle Nakhla DA, thanks to wonderful suggestions from Mint Head... I'm finding a medium pack, just touching the lotus seems to work best for me, but that's because I'm using the Coco Lava cubes, and they are a bit warmer than my go-to Titanium flats... Can't wait to order more Titaniums, flats and cubes... I wish we could get a charcoal company to stay consistent with just coconut, and no filler, brown ash, and no gimmicks... Ecocha seems to be that way, but they do burn hotter than most others, and that's not always needed... All well... Soon I will be getting the final component to my computer so I can start making my youtube videos again... Then i can complain and compliment my heart out... "Be the caterpillar." ---Just Another Dood, in regards to Alice in Wonderland
  15. Mister Thrice

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Thank you Mint Head!! Totally going to do that tonight after job 2 and another episode of My Name is Earl :3 Thanks Dude, discounts is discounts, and I will take whatever I can get!!! I refuse to pay $160 for an AOT Tabletop hookah, but a sale, or a discount code... Maybe it will happen... Getting a few really gnarly paychecks soon, so hopefully I get some new gear to show and tell!!! Also: Roadtrips to shisha town, wherever that may be, that I can score some Tangier's, and Ugly, and Trifecta... Though, if Trifecta isn't carryin' Tangier's as much, I may not go there first... DA, Lotus, and Egyptian for me tonight. :3