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    Is this mold/rust

    The pic of the intake ports into the jar do look like rust. Some white vinegar and baking soda should remove it pretty easily, and then polish with some coconut oil to keep the rust away. I'm going with food grade everything because not only am I some kind of hippie/eco nerd/herbalist guy, but it's cheaper, easier on the hookah, and wont impart funky tastes to your sessions. As far as the hose port goes, I would clean in the same way. Though, it does appear that the corrosion (if that's what it is) has began to eat at some of the metal. So maybe use a bit of sand paper or a dremel tool carefully to file the rough spots down a bit, then clean and treat with coconut oil. Hope this helps some!
  2. Mister Thrice

    My hookah is not giving enough smoke

    I'm concerned about the stem, the area that looks taped or has an acrylic connector above the hose port area? Is that tape? The stem should be an actual pipe, a solid tube running through the stem and heart, but it's hard to tell by the pics... Also, it looks as though your ball bearing may be metal? I recommend everyone to toss that piece of crap and get a plastic BB or airsoft pellet (bigger plastic BB) to replace them. They dont corrode, rust, or gunk up as easy as metal does. Also, when you clean your hookah next, put it in the base, and try 'hitting' the hose post like a pipe, and use your finger or palm or whatever to block the point of the stem where you put the bowl on. If there is any leakage, you should hear a faint hissing sound where the leak is. If not, then it means it's solid, and 99% chance its the purge valve BB. Those are my thoughts on the matter anyhow... Lemme know how it goes, and if the problem persists, maybe we can troubleshoot it some more :3 ...it's a beautiful hookah!!
  3. Mister Thrice

    Best Strawberry eliquid in India

    Looks tasty! May give that a shot when I get the time! I like to attempt to make my own shisha with a good eliquid (the only point of a 0% nicotine eliquid in my opinion!) and strawberry is done a million ways by a million people, so I'm always looking for that 'perfect for me' variant!!
  4. Mister Thrice

    Need tips on making my own orange flavored shisha!

    Though this is true, hookah is not just about clouds or flavor. There is tradition, culture, and a loose structure here, also a social element and other caveats that make the hookah community more than just a nicotine fix, or a cloud fix. While I vape also, I was using a hookah long before vape was even an idea, and I will stick with it because it's a hobby, a vice, and everything else I mentioned above, and much more... You don't necessarily need to 'decide between vaping and smoking a hookah' if you are into both, you can do both. I vape on the go, when I want a little nicotine fix, and when I'm home or at a friends or celebrating, or watching movies, I reach for my hookahs. Much classier, and enjoyable (in my humble opinion) than vaping. But everyone has their own opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own.
  5. Mister Thrice

    New Kaloud Lotus?

    Hey all, just checking in/checking up! Curious if anyone has tried the new, gorgeous looking Kaloud Lotus? I have an older model, and it doesn't have the raised 'ribs' on the tray inside the device to keep your coals lifted and stop them from blacking out. That feature alone looks worth it, but then how beautiful the new design is also turns my head!!! Really considering getting this beauty!! Any feedback?
  6. I agree!! This forum died, and I miss it... For me, the hookah community seems to ebb and flow, and seems almost like a fad for 'most' people, but I've been involved in hookahs since... I was a late teenager (just turned 37 this month). It didn't help that WA passed some stupid law in 2009 which ruined all my options for obtaining new, and my old favorite shishas, and up here, all any 'head' shop carries is fumari, or al fakher, and nakhla. I love al fakher, and nakhla, but man oh man am I tired of fumari, and oh how I wish tangiers!!! Yet, I still have my lovely ladies (my hookahs) and I still use them quite regularly, and I sure miss my online peeps to discuss new products with and hear about all these amazing new shisha's I'm gunna have to road trip two states south to get the opportunity to try!! lolz
  7. Mister Thrice

    New HJ Bowls

    Hello Hookah Homeys :3 Just saw a video from Hookah John (I know, ya love him or hate him, I get it!) about his newest bowls called the "Unika" (think unique + a). What's bad ass about these bowls is that they are simple, no frills, wide spire, and only $13.99!! That's a STEAL of a deal for a quality glazed bowl these days!!! I haven't checked his site today, but last night when I saw the video, they hadn't been put onto his website yet, so I'm eagerly waiting!! In the youtube video, I saw a really nice Rose colored bowl, and a medium/dark green that both looked absolutely amazing, so I will probably be picking up at least 2!! Check 'em out, lemme know what ya think!!
  8. Mister Thrice

    Smoking Right Now Thread

    Trifecta Tobacco, Mountain Fog. Through my Silver Lady, a KM Platinum Kamanja, upgraded and sexy :3 The Mountain Fog is a Mountain Dew Margarita with a hint of a cooling agent in it so it actually tastes a bit chilled. Quite lovely!! Glad I can get Trifecta in Seattle cuz Spokane is like 5 hours away!!
  9. Mister Thrice

    How is everyone?

    I still like to check in around once a week... It has gotten awfully quiet here though, which is sad cuz I reserve most of my hookah discussions for this site :3 Hope we can get the activity picked up again :3 Good hearin' from ya Nima!!
  10. Mister Thrice

    Need tips on making my own orange flavored shisha!

    Hey there, and congrats on attempting to make your own shisha!! You want clouds? Vegetable Glycerine!! You want good flavor? I make my own e-liquids for vaping, and the best orange flavors i've come across are Sweet Tangerine by a company called "Capella" and Blood Orange by another company called "Flavor West." I get my flavors from a website called wizard labs, and they offer multiple sizes of the flavors for a really good deal. I will give you a couple of 'tips' but as they are on flavorings, these are just my opinion, and your palette and mine could be quite different. If you are unsure about any flavor, get the smaller sized 'testers' is what I call them, little like 1/2 ounce bottles and they run a dollar or two, but when you do find a flavor you love, you can get bigger bottles of them, like 8 ounce bottles that come with nice twist and pour tops like a mustard bottle. Capella has a lot of flavors, and are considered one of the best in the biz, but, in my experience, their fruit flavors are not great, as in weak (so you need to add A LOT) or all candy flavored, which may be good for you, but when I want a fruit flavor, I want an actual fruit, like a ripe, tasty fruit, not a candy... The Capella Sweet Tangerine and Cantaloupe are my two favorites, and the only fruits I can really recommend by them... Flavor West is still new to me, but their blood orange is a go-to of mine now!! My highest recommended flavor company is The Flavor Apprentice (TFA) or The Perfumers Apprentice (Same company, two different names, not sure why). Most of what I've had from them are very good if not amazing, so it's a good starting point. Also, if you want things sweet, most of these flavors dont have a sweetener in them, including the sweet tangerine. You can get a sweetener from lots of places, but my go-to is called "Sweetener" by The Flavor Apprentice. It's a 50/50 mix of sucralose and ethyl maltol, and so it's a nice, rounded sweetener, which is a good general purpose sweetener. Hope this helps you out, and I'm curious to read how your shisha comes out!! Enjoy!!
  11. Mister Thrice

    Cool Hookah guy on youtube!!

    Just sharing a video of a guy on youtube who makes some interesting hookahs out of copper plumbing bits and bobs... His first couple of steampunk hookah videos were great, but he used quick lights and some of his custom built bowls had some brass components which im not sure about as far as heat and brass goes, but I thought I'd share his video here as it's pretty cool to watch, and it's a really nice, simplistic hookah concept, and if ya feel squirrelly you can totally make this!! Due to a 403 error I keep getting I'm just going to provide the information to find his video to see if it will let me post. The doods channel is "Banjo Show" And the title of the video is "How to make copper hookah DIY" Pretty awesome stuff, hope you all enjoy!!
  12. Mister Thrice


    I love me silicone hoses :3 But I also love my traditional KM hoses, and as Chernobyl mentioned, I do have an unglazed bowl for Lime heavy Margarita flavors, and a green KM hose specifically for those occasions!!
  13. Trolling for good Shisha in WA, now *thats* a problem!!
    Any tips, tricks or suggestions will be truly appreciated!!

  14. Mister Thrice

    Latest Shisha Order Thread

    Mmm, Mazaya is some good stuff!! I miss it!! :3
  15. Mister Thrice

    Still Dry in WA... sigh..

    Hello all, long time, no see... Life has been interesting this year... Many changes have happened in my life... Many changes are approaching again... But here I still am... My hookah hobby is suffering, hence, I am suffering. I am still having the hardest time finding shisha that isn't fumari, al fakher (which I can only find in maybe 6 flavors, pathetic), or occasionally, and I mean rarely, can I find Al Waha. I can still find fantasia, but, not by bag... I miss Tangiers... I miss it a lot... I am down to one final bowl of the stuff... "Peach Iced Tea" has been so good to me, as all the Tangiers flavors have been... But, I'm saving that for my Birthday, March 4th. I am at my wits end. I am going to road trip to CA to the Odyssey Hookah Lounge and LOAD UP on my shisha sometime in the spring, probly around tax returns, to get an annual supply of this stuff. It's my favorite. It's the cream of the crop, and I love it, need it, have to have it!! Tangiers and Nakhla, my two go-to's. I'm just here to say 'Hi! I miss you all, I miss my sacred smoke, and I miss my hookah hobby!" Also trolling for any info anyone has on where to get quality shisha in WA, preferably my two favorites, as I'm ***dying!!!*** to re-supply... Hope you are all well this Yule (happy Yule to all!!) and hope to hear from some of you!!
  16. Mister Thrice

    Wknd project mini hookah. Working nice

    tiny hookahs are a novelty, but also how a lot of us started hookah... I first had hookah at a hookah bar in Idaho, but my first purchased hookah was a pumpkin we should all be familiar with by now... I still have it, and I will occasionally use it, but it's hard to beat the KM quality for a traditional hookah sesh!!!
  17. Mister Thrice

    My KM Ladies and some upgrades...

    Im on a mac, so safari... It seems to go away after like 6-7 pages of browsing/interacting etc... Thanks for the compliments on the pipes, truly sad that Lule is gone... Hope another traditional looking respectable tray hits the market, KM trays are cool and functional and all, but as a customizer I like options of course... Hopefully getting a much larger rental (duplex) with my two roomies soon, and if we get it, I will have two rooms, which is good since I can hookah in one of them and keep my animals (2 snakes and 6 tarantulas and a parakeet) in the other room... Just found a local headshop that can order me Tangiers, but only two flavors, Blueberry with mint and mint, so gunna buy that up and see what we can do about the flavor selection, since they have much more delicious flavors than that... see ya round the forums homeys!!
  18. Mister Thrice

    My KM Ladies and some upgrades...

    I hope this turns out all right, every time I visit this site lately, I get a weird page formatting thing where all the words and whatnot is plain text on the left of my screen and I tried to upload one pic and it made like ten of them in a panel, so I'm hoping it turns out all right... BTW anybody know if this is just a glitch? Can I get back to regular forum looking pages with the cool backgrounds and side bars and whatnot? Because this seems like javascript to me, without all the code... Its not my fav. by any means.... Anyhow... Recently got a KM Jumbo jar for my Platinum Kamanja, as well as the Sahara Smoke Scorpion hose. I love them both, they really bring this hookah up to the completed stage for me.... I was going to get a boho for the Kamanja, but a KM in the color scheme I wanted it to be in was hard to pass up, as it's now like a 'matching' setup, and that makes me infinitely happy!!! I also snagged some of the last Lule trays I could, as the company apparently when out of business and so what's left on the market is all thats left... I did manage to get their limited edition matte black in XL and Small, for the Dark Prince/Dark Syrian (both pipes are KM), and I really like how large the XL tray is... I can put drinks, my half a pound of Organic Flue Cured Virginia tobacco on it (for shisha DIY projects), snacks, whatever, it's rad!! So yeah, that's what I've been up to with my pipes lately... Finally scored more free time, so I had to use it with one of my favorite hobbies!!!
  19. Mister Thrice

    High and dry in WA...

    Hello again mein hookah homeys!!! As you may or may not know, WA passed a law in like 2009 which banned tobacco orders online from being shipped to WA without some tobacco license for businesses or somesuch. The problem was kids getting tobacco online. They didn't even enforce it until like 2014/2015 and I've been high and dry on good shisha since then. So I'm reaching out to anybody in Portland, OR for some help. Do you know of a shop or hookah bar that sells delicious, fresh Tangiers? What about Nakhla? Because I'm getting serious about spending a large portion of tax returns on a years supply of the good stuff for myself... I have considered going to Seattle, which, I'm told there are a few shops and bars up there that sell it, however, just because I live in WA does NOT mean I like Seattle... At all... Portland is more my speed, and frankly, with traffic and all, it takes about the same time for me to get from where I am to either Portland or Seattle, so I vote Portland!! In Olympia/Lacey, where I'm at, you get two choices for shisha: Fumari, or Fantasia. Now, I've got nothing ultimately negative to say about Fumari. Frankly, I like several of their very saturated shishas. But dont get me started on Fantasia... What, like 100 flavors, and I like maybe 2? Not to mention they lose that flavor fairly quickly... I want Tangiers back. I want to try UGLY. I want Nakhla, Al Fakher, and I'm willing to give Trifecta a shot too, but not sure if they have a store location over there in Spokane or not, and they aren't replying to my emails... I read somewhere that they stopped shipping shisha from WA to WA a bit ago as well, so that's a total bummer... Anyways, just losing my mind up here. Between stupid laws from near a decade old to the flaming arrogance of the FDA, WA is seriously trying to kill tobacco, like, anything to do with it, unless it's Camel or Marlboro, or American Spirits, or Newports, or Grizzly, or all that crap I care nothing for. I want my shisha back!! Any tips or suggestions or recommendations to fabulous locations would be truly, and massively appreciated!! I just ordered a nice wind cover, and jumbo base for my Platy'manja, and am considering giving that stainless steel Scorpion Hose a shot, since the black and silver would look really nice on my setup. Also ordered the A.O.T. provost to complete my A.O.T. I won on this forum (THANKS AGAIN SO MUCH NIMA!!), and some of my favorite charcoals... Sooo the last of my shisha stash will be going up in smoke soon, and I gotta figure out where I'm getting my next supply!!! :3
  20. Mister Thrice

    Current favorites?

    Thanks for the advice man, I will try these other brands first... I'm making my old head shop order me in kilos of Al Fakher, because I do prefer it to Fumari (after being on a nothing but Fumari bender for months now, as that's all I can find...) and the price is much better, so I'm hoping they pull through for me... I hear it's an additional 75% tax for them to order out of state, which is just BS and absolutely absurd... I just dont understand this state, doubt I ever will... But if I can DIY some decent flavors, maybe I wont have to play this annoying game anymore... It'd be really nice to be able to provide it for myself, as I do ultimately want to make my own hookahs as well... It doesn't seem hard, and I've got years of exotic woodworking on my side... So I can see some sexy pipes in my head, and they will become a reality when I can actually get a shop together!!! See ya round ya'll!!
  21. Mister Thrice

    Current favorites?

    tastes change... all the time... RIght now, I'm also into double apple (nakhla and fumari have decent double apples), still on my al waha baraini nights kick (so, so good!!) also al waha 'memories' is good, and provocative... Buuuut, as we all probably are getting tired of hearing, I'm having a hard time finding shisha that isn't fumari or fantasia up here in the weird washington... Going to be calling a bunch of tobacco shops, and any arabic-esque shops and the like (thanks Chernobyl) to find Tangiers, Nakhla, and Al Fakher cuz I miss them the most, though, I also want to try UGLY and Alchemist, and a few other I keep seeing delicious reviews for... Ordered up some "Organic Virginia Flue Cured" tobacco leaf for my next rounds of DIY shisha, I'm getting close to figuring the flavors out, and am thinking I'm more of a molasses kinda guy, and honey just isn't the thing for me (my first several batches were honey, several kinds of honeys, and... well, 'meh.') I mixed a few flavors that I'm dying to test out via hookah: Cantaloupe Boysenberry and Vanilla Bean Ice cream is one of my best so far, though I really nailed sugar cookies (sweet sugar cookies) recently, and also dig this Blood Orange Creamsicle I've been making... So wish me luck there!!
  22. Mister Thrice

    High and dry in WA...

    Lolz I was seriously considering a P.O. Box in Portland, and then just picking up once a month... I've had two jobs now for about 10 months, but just (finally) got accepted into the Carpenters Union up here, so I get to ditch my two crap jobs, and this one job will pay more than both put together, plus all the benefits I've not had in a hot minute, and most importantly, I GET MY EFFIN FREE TIME BACK!!!! So yeah, P.O. Box is probably going to happen!!! Havent looked into Arabic import stores... That just sounds promising!!! I will look into that, as it's a new idea for me, thanks for that!!
  23. Mister Thrice

    High and dry in WA...

    you... you play dirty, sir... lolz I found out today that Trifecta has a retail shop in Spokane that sells shisha there, but no Tangiers. WTF. I am literally 2 states north, what, do I gotta road trip to Cali just to get my Tangiers on!?! You'd best believe I'm buyin like $500 in shisha to last me a while, because this is gettin' nuts!!
  24. Mister Thrice

    I've got hose

    I like sili hose... You got sili hose? snerk snerk
  25. Mister Thrice


    Welcome to the forums Hermission!! Welcome to the forums DrSatwinder(tm) :3 Tell us about your hookahs!!