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    East Olympia
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    Python (the species, of which I have 2 species, 3 pythons though)... Hookah (durr?) Bowl-collecting (damned weaknesses)... Bass guitar (electric/acoustic). Tarantulas (I have... 14? 15?). Longboards. Woodwork. Leathercraft. Pokemon. Failed attempts at making my own shisha. Hookah with FRANDS!!! Piercings (self-piercings and professional, they are both fun!).

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    KM Dark/Syrian Prince, KM Platinum Kamanja, ??? Lebanese Chiller, 3x 'lesser' hookahs...
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    Tangiers, Al Waha
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    Tangier's Boysenberry (Birquq), Tangier's Peach Iced Tea, Nakhla (most)

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  1. Trolling for good Shisha in WA, now *thats* a problem!!
    Any tips, tricks or suggestions will be truly appreciated!!