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    East Olympia
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    Python (the species, of which I have 2 species, 3 pythons though)... Hookah (durr?) Bowl-collecting (damned weaknesses)... Bass guitar (electric/acoustic). Tarantulas (I have... 14? 15?). Longboards. Woodwork. Leathercraft. Pokemon. Failed attempts at making my own shisha. Hookah with FRANDS!!! Piercings (self-piercings and professional, they are both fun!).

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    KM Dark/Syrian Prince, KM Platinum Kamanja, ??? Lebanese Chiller, 3x 'lesser' hookahs...
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    Tangiers, Al Waha
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    Tangier's Boysenberry (Birquq), Tangier's Peach Iced Tea, Nakhla (most)

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About Me


Plants (carnivorous, herbs, poisonous).

Pokemon (the real game, not that fake ass "GO" crap, I breed 5-6 I.V. GODS, and 5 I.V. Shiny GODS)

Bass Guitars (I suck by my standards, but recently bought another Warlock, a 6 string guitar though, to help me learn chords, so as I can be a better bassist)

Leather working (functional, form, adult, fantasy, etc.)

Wood Working (basic construction to precision and penmaking and everything in between like snake cages, furniture, etc.)

Hookah (and learning to make my own shisha, but like, really BOMB shisha)

Vaping (and making my own eliquids as hookah is not portable or fast enough for work breaks!!).

Swords (collecting, historical studies, martial arts, practice, and polishing for an edge beyond razor sharp)

Masks (collecting, making, wearing).