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  1. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    can't you use a phunnel for tobaccos that arent as wet as well tho. And aren't there smaller sized phunnel bowls. (i'm totaly not anti-vortex btw lol, just curious)
  2. magushnik01

    Fake Minzari Crown and Kaloud Bowls

    Kinda iffy to put coals in the fake lotus, especially if its made in china. Who knows whats in that metal. Lead, mercury, etc. I'd personally cough up a little extra $ for the real deal.
  3. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    Intresting, any reason no one made a clay vortex?
  4. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    so basically no advantages to a vortex... except foil drag, which i believe the predator bowl addresses. i just don't understand why people buy them when they know the phunnel is out there. who are. these people.
  5. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    Oh i have 2 phunnels already
  6. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    So i always hear people say they love their vortex bowl or they love their funnel bowl. I guess my question is why would someone use a vortex bowl over a funnel. What advantages if any do they have. I have 2 funnels and a few egy bowls, can't imagine anything else being better. I'd like to hear some advantages to a vortex over a funnel if anyone has experience with both, thanks!!!
  7. magushnik01

    May Giveaway - Sponsored by HookahHub.com

    Def gotta be my Harmony bowl. Perfect size as i like long sessions and works perfect with lotus. Second my clay Egyptian bowl. Tried and true, perfect for nak and af, also haze. Never lets me down. P.S. my gf hates candid photos