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  1. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    can't you use a phunnel for tobaccos that arent as wet as well tho. And aren't there smaller sized phunnel bowls. (i'm totaly not anti-vortex btw lol, just curious)
  2. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    Intresting, any reason no one made a clay vortex?
  3. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    so basically no advantages to a vortex... except foil drag, which i believe the predator bowl addresses. i just don't understand why people buy them when they know the phunnel is out there. who are. these people.
  4. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    Oh i have 2 phunnels already
  5. magushnik01

    funnel vs vortex

    So i always hear people say they love their vortex bowl or they love their funnel bowl. I guess my question is why would someone use a vortex bowl over a funnel. What advantages if any do they have. I have 2 funnels and a few egy bowls, can't imagine anything else being better. I'd like to hear some advantages to a vortex over a funnel if anyone has experience with both, thanks!!!
  6. magushnik01

    What's some good starbuzz & tangiers favors?

    Am I the only one who always gets this medicinal, filmy after taste with starbuzz. I can't smoke the stuff...