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    Show your pets!!

    Her name is Piper. She's a bro.
  2. HookahLuka

    New Giveaway Idea Thread

    Who won?
  3. HookahLuka

    Thoughts on Haze?

    Haze is very heat resistant like Al Fakher which leads to a longer session and at times, a better buzz.
  4. HookahLuka

    Thoughts on Haze?

    I LOVE HAZE. I tried them over a year ago and fell in love since. The best method is the fluff pack on an Egyptian with STANDARD foil, 3 Naras (one leaned), and standard spiral holes. I would recommend Frozen Lakes, Pumpkin Pleasure, Double Bubble, Quack Quack, and OMG
  5. HookahLuka

    What's some good starbuzz & tangiers favors?

    Cane Mint - Tangiers White mint - Starbuzz Mighty Freeze - Starbuzz