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What Tobacco & Flavors Would You Serve at a Hookah Lounge?

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Would you carry all sort of tobacco brands and flavors? Which ones?

I would personally carry one or at most two brands of tobacco most likely Al Fakher (traditional) and Social Smoke (modern) and every now and then bring one flavor from one of the other brands for a weekly special.

Also I wouldn't carry more than 10 flavors of each brand (even 10 is too much IMO). People don't go to hookah lounges to get a 1000 choices and spend 15 minutes choosing a flavor that they probably don't know. I rather give them fewer choices and let them sit down and relax.

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I'd go with Nakhla, Social Smoke and Tangiers. Maybe a few packs of Desi Murli for the adventurous fellow. That gives a big range of flavors, nicotine levels and styles. Something for everyone.

I'd probably stock 10ish flavors of each when starting and then try to offer as many as I could manage if the lounge got big. I would make sure to offer a few traditional tobaccos like Nakhla Zaghloul and Khan El Khalili. With, the Tangiers I would stick to flavors available in the Lucid line until I had a fan base that was really into the Noir line. Then I would offer more flavors from the noir line and stock the flavors in both so I could cut them.

I would invest in very efficient bowls like micro funnels or crown classics. The tobacco saved would pay for the bowls quickly and save a lot of money in tobacco and coals in the long run. I would mix any flavors together for only one extra dollar per extra flavor. Keeping the mixing fee cheap makes people more likely to spend that extra dollar on the same amount of tobacco. I would also get Fancy Hoses and offer them for like 4 bucks for people that don't want to use the lounge hoses. they get to open it themselves and take it home with themif they want. That's another source of a little income and a way to keep things clean and hook people into a sale. They are great hoses and I'm still using mine from when they first came out and were called the NuHose.

My tobacco list would probably look something like this.


Double Apple

Mizo Mint

Mizo Lemon

Mizo Grape

Mizo Watermelon

Mizo Peach


Sweet Melon

Earl Grey

Social Smoke

Arabian Nights

Chai Latte

Cinnamon Spice

Absolute Zero










Cane Mint


Juicy Peach

Melon Blend

Orange Soda

It's Like That One Breakfast Cereal

Kashmir Cherry

Regal Flower



Khan El Khalili

Desi Murli Plain

DM Rooh Afza

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I like the idea of efficient bowls and also the hose to give the customers. very neat

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i agree i would use a good bowls and hoses. my personal preference is the vortex bowls i have owned both vortex and phunnel. and i too would invest in good, long washable hoses. these are the flavors that we had alot good feed back on when we had hookah parties



sweet melon

green apple candy

maraschino cherry

peace ice tea

orange soda

tasty peach

blue gum ball



wild mint

fuzzy navel





cookies and creme


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I would choose flavors and brands based off of what I would want to see when I go to a hookah lounge. What I like to see is a lot of variety! My current lounge hosts around 70 flavors from 4 different brands, and it allows us to mix creatively and come up with some tasty recipes. Our lounges are crazy busy all the time and especially on weekends, we have a wait list to get in. I've seen it as long as 30 people. When I go to another lounge and see only 10 different flavors, I'm very let down. I like to choose.

If I were to open a lounge, I would carry the same perspective. I perceive hookah to be like a fine craft beer, and my favorite pubs/restaurants are those with that long list of micro-brews. I love scanning over that list, and thinking "what am I gonna try today? ... oooo, this sounds interesting."

Complete in my menu would be explanations of every brand, in-depth, so that the newcomer isn't completely lost (plus a staff member would be very informational anyways), and can see "Okay, this sounds more like my category... let me find a flavor that I like from here."

My brands would be:

Nakhla (complete w/ mizo and sheherazade)


Starbuzz (I would love to use Social Smoke over Starbuzz, except that my mixing knowledge is very limited with SS, and I do know Starbuzz very well)


Fantasia as an optional 5th, though I personally don't like it very much.

While the Arabs and the hookah enthusiasts (the pros) prefer a select-few flavors from a select-few brands, as a business model I would be reaching out to new smokers, college students, and even intermediate smokers. 1) Arabs already have a plethora of Arab-lounges to choose from already, and 2) hookah enthusiasts (the pros) do make up the minority of a hookah lounges' demographic. Therefore, my choice on flavors and brands would be based on my main demographic, still including something for the steel-lungs of society, and my atmosphere would follow a very comfortable, modern American theme.

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I know I'm re-hashing this topic :D but I was just thinking as I was reading through.

There is potential increase in revenue in a broader selection, because if you have a party of 4 come in, they are more likely to collaborate on a single flavor if they only have a few choices, but if they have a lot to choose from, someone might be really passionate about getting one, and another person a different one (ie person 1: "No way! They have pumpkin pie? That sounds amazing!" person #2: "yuck i hate pumpkin... you get that, I'll get something else". Best solution? 2 hookahs! Everybody's happy!





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If the price is right then I'll happily order two hookahs for a table. The last time I went to a lounge, we all got food and then ordered two hookahs for the table.

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