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hooked new guy!

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Well the wifey and I took a trip to the local hookah lounge last night after a bit of looking around online. Pretty cool laid back place. Felt that the shisha was wee bit on cheaper side (hookah-hookah). I'd smoked some amazing watermelon once before couple years ago so that alone was my sole basis of comparison (ya pretty newbish perspective but hey). Anyways the overall experience was enough to convince me to go buy a hookah! Knew there was a nice shop nearby and I'd been doing a good lot of research even prior to the lounge visit so felt confident in what I was looking at and talking with the clerks at the shop. Cool knowledgeable guys who were nice enough to help steer me in right direction rather than milk my wallet set me up with a good 18" 2 hose hookah. Wanted to go with some al fakher shisha and picked peach (my favorite fruit) and mint (highly recommended online and by them and wifeys favorite flavor). Gave the peach a try tonight. Smells and tastes a wee bit sweeter and artificial than hoped for but enjoyable overall. Any peach alternatives with a more natural flavor?

So my long story aside, I'm a happy hookah fan just starting this chill and cool adventure!

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