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Hello, From Phx, AZ!

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Hey guys!

Thought I would introduce myself. I found this community through the Android App store, I immediately like the friendly atmosphere and you guys seem to be quite active! I've enjoyed hookah smoking quite a lot here in Phoenix, AZ and there are quite a few little lounges here and there to enjoy. I've found several that I used to go to went out of business, which is kind of depressing... But oh well, smoking at home is great as well! I've got 6 hookahs ranging from 8" to 5'10" (As seen in my picture).

I'm not too big of a fan of the fruity flavors, I tend to enjoy the harshness of Double Apple, and Vanilla if I want something a little sweet but not over powering. I hope there are some phoenix folks out there to perhaps meet up with at some point, it's always fun to meet new people! I also hope to get a little community going since there doesn't seem to be too much of an online presents in Phoenix just yet. They ARE out there, just spend more time in person than they do online... Which I suppose is a good thing! lol.

Take Care!


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Hey Tony, welcome to the forum. I myself am not a fan of fruity flavors either. A good mix of Apple and mint is far better than an overtly sweet candy flavored tobacco.

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