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Guest bloodvortex

Hooka Smoke TRICK!

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Guest bloodvortex

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Thanks to NIMA.

About a shisha

Ive smoked shisha for 4 years i figured out how to get the maximium amount of smoke :D but before that what i need to know is whats the purpose of the metal ball in the side of the hooka..is it for blowing out smoke if the shisha smoke is too harsh but dont overdo it it will give the water a rush towards the coal.


> another trick i knew yesterday after smoking 5 of them with the same experiment was to make the center of the tobacco head with little or no tobbaco..and at the sides you sprinkle more tobbaco.so its like a donut but with little tobacco in the center and more at sides,and cover with foil. make sure that its not squshed in after u make the holes on the foil put 4 really small coal at the sides and put one 4cm 5cm coal on the center thats the big one..due to the donut effect the smoke given out by the tobbaco is amazing.becuase it gives out heat to all the tobbacos inside and makes it burn well with no hard effect while smoking even with a small one ..Im not trying to compare with your methods but least try mine i would be glad if u give it a try and let me know if it works welll for you ..the rest water filling i do the same way as u 1/3 water. and ill give a try for the orange juice as your method

Take care guys

> Evan


Have fun

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Guest boxoldnn

The metal ball that I think you are referring to is a ball bearing that acts as a check valve (I assume that you have a multiple hose hookah, or one with a one way valve for clearing smoke). It prevents air from coming in from the unused hoses or from the valve without having to put your thumb over the opening.

It is a good idea to oil them from time to time (obviously you don't want to use anything that is toxic) to prevent corrosion and build up that could break the seal of the valve.

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