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Mya Cono 28"

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I really love this hookah I ordered from myahookah.com, it's beautiful, easy to clean, and came in a nice locking (combination) hard travel case with airtight shisha containers. The hookah breaks down into several pieces (the stem is 3 pieces alone) and features a screw on base, all parts screw securely creating the needed seals while breaking down for better cleaning. The vase is nicely shaped and made of rather heavy frosted glass with deco painted on, the screw on stem is nicer than my grommeted hookahs. The stem is stylish and has great pull. The head that comes standard isn't much to write home about, but the gasket and ash tray are nice with ash tray reinforcement built into the stem. This is a 4 hose expandable and the auto-seal system functions great. This hookah is also very easy and quick to start, no hard pulls or excessive preheating to get the smoke to flow.

For the cost and everything included at $174.95 I think it's a good deal especially if you travel with your hookah, the accessories were made for it and much more secured than other cases from my other myas. It's beautiful, sturdy, and smokes great.

Solid A on this one

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