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SOLITUDEbwk from St. Simons Island, GA

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I've been a long time Hookah smoker and stumbled upon this website a few weeks ago when I decided to "build" a new hookah. Attached are the pictures of my two old hookahs and the new one.

The old one (left) is a Sahara Smoke 24" "Smoke" Filigree 3 hose.

The old one (right) is a Super Nova 36" 3 hose. (One of the stems broke off years ago so it's been plugged.)


Recently the Filigree broke while in transit so I decided it was time to build a new hookah.

The Vase is an Econo Mya Gyro in "Smoke"

The Stem is a (new style) Sahara Smoke Genie "Black" with a medium downstem.

The Bowl is a Vortex (Wanting to get a Phunnel soon).

I also have a Small Heba Diffuser on the downstem.


The only problem is the stem doesn't fit as tightly as I'd like into the vase. But, that's nothing a slightly larger grommet can't fix. Otherwise it smokes effortlessly.

Oh, and my favorite flavor shisha... Mint-Rose.

Let me know what you guys think!

New Hookah!


Old Hookah:


Tried the ring trick on my bowl this evening... Never had smoke this smooth! Picked up a 1-1/2" to 1-1/4" Slip Joint today. Works perfectly with my Vortex. Coupled with a wind guard it makes for one smooth smoke!




So after much deliberation and searching for parts. I can't go the original route I had planned.

I've got all the parts now to trim the pipe ends on both pieces and thread them to accept a 1/8" to 5/16" barbed fitting. I picked up a 90* elbow to go on the Hookah end, and a straight barb to go on the mouthpiece end.

This seems the most logical and easiest, seeing as the parts are so hard to come by. I've checked everywhere, even online, and they're all out of stock, discontinued, or don't fit properly together (thread pitch).






So, there's a story behind this vase. I purchased it from SaharaSmoke.com thinking that it was going to be a milky white color with gold leaf inlay (aka a gorgeous vase). But, as you can tell from the pictures, it wasn't. It was completely white and the gold was terribly done and there were chips/flakes in the paint (I'm guessing from the acid etching.)

I contacted SaharaSmoke.com and discussed an exchange for a small stem with extra long downstem (equal value). They agreed to the exchange and a few days later I received a new small stem! After it came in, I contacted SS again to see about returning the vase. They told me to keep it, blow it up, use it as target practice, whatever. Talk about Customer Service! Great group of people over there. Here's a few pictures for you guys.







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Enjoying a good smoke last night. Accidentally split the wood on my new hose. Need to remove the pressed in old hose remains and glue it back together.


My very first Hookah. Super Nova 36" Hookah. 2 Hose. It survived many, many college nights.


Here's me, the hookah smoker:


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It's a spacer technique. Helps to keep the newbies from burning the Shisha too much when I'm not being an attentative host. Makes for a much more pleasant smoke for friends that are not as knowledgeable.

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Welcome to the forum man. Great job on the hookah.

It would be great if you can put together a wiki page with everything that you've done. I'll be glad to help too.

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actually a blog post would be more appropriate, but it would just be what you posted here with a little more text around it

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I've been getting tired of my stem getting stuck So I decided to order a little bit of this stuff:


My stem breaks down into 12 different pieces for easy cleaning and transport. The pieces have become increasingly more difficult to break down between cleanings and smokes. This stuff has worked wonders. I highly recommend it.

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