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We have it all for sale and at reasonable prices. Don't overpay. Tell ur family and friends about us and receive a special gift on the house.

wen u place an order goo.gl/WTHt5


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Like 99% positive this is spam, decided to check out their website for shiggles (shits and giggles), well it was such a "unique" website I made a list of things I thought the good people of this forum should be aware of.

- they sell no Khalil Mamoon, Magdy Zidan, or Nammor hookahs

- their semi extensive selection is filled with 3 Myas, 2 of which were marked up about $50. The rest or off brand Chinese hookahs

- their accessories section needs major work, they show images of items they don't sell

- they have one Egyptian clay bowl for sale as well as one Lebanese clay bowl

- some of their products have the wrong descriptions

- no vortex bowls for sale and the only phunnel is the Chinese ceramic one ($10)

- whole sections on the double/triple/quad ceramic bowls

- no quality replacement bases

- no Mya, KM, Nammor, Fancy, or Nu hoses

- shisha is over priced, Starbuzz 250g $20

- no Al Fakher at all, none, zip, zilch, nada

- no Coco Nara coals of any kind

- three kings run $5 more for a box than they should

So all that being said, thanks but no thanks

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