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Lounges in Northern Virginia

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Hookah bars I've been to in Northern VA (Springfield, Lorton, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax, Woodbridge, Manassas).

There are a lot more hookah bars in the area than the one's I've listed and reviewed, these are the ones I've been to multiple times (I always try to go more than once to see if the experience changes any).


Coffee Pialeh - 6345 Rolling Rd. Springfield VA 22152

This place has been around for a little while but hasn't really solidified its place among the real hookah bars yet, the owner is still working on perfecting his techniques, a friend of mine actually is going into business with him at the end of Feb to work on making this place amazing, and after only one day of helping out he made great strides with the owner to get his hookahs to peak performance, the prices are amazing for the are (less than $15 for Starbuzz, cant beat that around here), the hookahs are finally great, the atmosphere is super chill, its a small place but we're gonna make it a major contender for the area. More so than anything else the owner of this lounge is very good at making all his customers feel like family. 4/5

Marino's Pizza and Subs - 6558 Backlick Road, Springfield, VA 22150

Now I know what your thinking, "A pizza and subs place that has hookah? that's either a lie or it must suck." And well we wish it were a lie but its true, and it does suck, this place is not very good. the only redeeming quality is that it has a full bar, the down side is the hookahs are poor quality, over priced, and not well maintained, the alcohol is expensive, and on the weekends its a haven for under age night clubbing with the terrible DJ, the sound level they just cant seem to turn down even a little. this sports bar/hookah bar is the local hang out for all the under age kids to come and party like the adults, and its not appealing at all. While the staff is nice enough and the lady that manages this place is cool as hell, the overall experience is not desirable in the least. 2/5

Alexandria/Falls Church:

Grapes Mediterranean Cafe (formerly Aladdins Cafe) - 3811 S George Mason Dr, Falls Church, VA 22041

This hookah lounge was a hole in the wall, we called is Aladdins, it was a popular hole in the wall, the hookahs were fairly priced, the guy that made them was good at his job and friendly as can be giving free stuff if you were regulars and not total dbags. But sadly the owner became money hungry and wanted to reinvent the lounges image after a bad run in with the law a few managements ago. So he added a bar, got a liquor license, jacked up the prices, made it 21+, hired all new staff that spoke zero English, fired his old staff, so now i wouldn't recommend this lounge to ANYONE looking for a good time. The Hookahs are painfully over priced now, so are the drinks (both alcoholic and non), the staff is hard to get around (they tried to charge my friend like $50 in drinks because they kept bringing her the wrong drinks when she just wanted an Orange Soda, then demanded she pay for each one when it was their mistake), but mostly the environment is loud, obnoxious, painful, the hookahs suck and you WILL have a bad time. 0/5

Fairouz Mediterranean Cafe - 3815 S George Mason Dr, Falls Church, VA 22041

This lounge is located in the same shopping center as Grapes. This lounge is just as bad as Grapes but there's a difference, i would much rather go here than Grapes because this lounge didn't sell out and isn't pretending to be anything its not, this lounge is bright and neon lit, loud and obnoxious, the drinks and hookahs are over priced, the hookahs are sub par, and the staff mostly speaks zero English as well, but the difference is this lounge has always been this way since it opened so they're at least being true to their name. 1/5

Babylon Futbol Cafe - 3501 S Jefferson St, Falls Church, VA 22041

This isn't so much a hookah lounge as a sports bar and restaurant that happens to sell hookahs. The environment while noisy sometimes on the weekends its still relaxing and cheery, its got that sports bar appeal and feel while allowing you to relax with a good hookah. the prices are a little up there after 9 o'clock (it switches from restaurant to bar), you have to be 21+ to get in after 9 or 10 (cant remember), the prices on the drinks goes up, and the hookahs are around $20 for 1. But if your willing to spend a little extra money to get a hookah in a legit sports bar (with live djs on the weekends, a very large dance floor, and VIP section) then Babylon is for you, after Grapes failed me and my friends so badly we went here until we found another place to become regulars, as good as this lounge is you just don't get the family feeling like some of the other places. 3/5


TeenoZytoon - 9738 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22031

This lounge has a high flow of traffic through it on a daily basis, so the quality has suffered so they can make their numbers. The hookahs are ok, no better and no worse just ok, they have a nice selection of drinks, sodas, smoothies, things like that. the prices are about average for the area. The feel of the environment is all restaurant, there is no lounge feel, mostly because it used to be a Lone Star (steakhouse), hell they didn't even bother taking down the lone star parking signs in the parking lot. The major downside to this lounge is the staff, they are moody and rude, and don't interact with the customers, once they have brought you your hookah don't expect to see them again unless you go looking for them. All in all though its not the worst place to go in Northern VA. 3/5

Ishtar Hookah Bar - 3212 Old Pickett Rd Fairfax, VA 22030

There is currently one other hookah bar in the shopping center with this one and since that other lounge opened this one has been going downhill. If you are a regular at this lounge and you get to know the people that work there then you become family, The one major issue people have with this spot is the fact that the owner has become very stingy about making money when the lounge next door opened and proved a formidable business opponent. Now there is a cover charge per person (minimum $3 purchase), plus the prices on the hookahs has gone up a few dollars to cover the customers they've lost. But if you want a chill zone thats got the feel of a club then this is a good place to go, the LED track lighting is nice, the benches could be a bit more sturdy and comfortable though but its not too bad. 3.5/5

Abu Nawas Tea Gourmet - 3218 Old Pickett Rd Fairfax, VA 22030

This is in the same shopping center as Ishtar Hookah Bar. This hookah bar hasn't even been open for a full year yet and the owner is already outdoing most if not all the other bars in the area, the prices are fair, the food is amazing and fairly priced, the hookahs are great quality, cleaned every day, and if there are any issues they will fix it for free. I have been going to Abu Nawas since before it opened last summer (went to the soft opening before the grand opening) and since then the owner and his staff have treated us all like we are family. The owner is quite an accomplished man himself, both an artist and a scientist, he has a Bachelors in Mathematical Science as well as being the lead architect and contractor for the 60ft bar at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC. Now he stopped doing contracting to open a hookah bar and its doing great, there are always people there and many of us are regulars. That's quality business, being able to fill a room with loyal customers that always come in multiple times a week. 5/5

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