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Hookah Is My Life

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Hello everyone I'm Lexi aka CurvySmoke and I'm joining the forum because of my love for Pauls voice. LOL

I am a YouTube reviewer with the goal of being the number 1 female hookah reviewer.

Its going to be a long hard journey but I know with enough determination behind me and great support I can make it.

My current setup is a Kafe Mini KM, Tangiers Pico Phunnel, coconaras, and a tonic egyptian style long handle hose.

Brands I smoke

SB (only like two flavors)

Social Smoke


Al Fahker


Those are the brands I've gotten into so far, but I plan on getting into WAY more! I'm 21 years old and hookah is seriously my life. I smoke at LEAST once a day and I instagram the hell out of me smoking. I am into very candy like flavors, not a HUGE mint person in fact I havent even smoked mint yet so wooo.

You can find me over on

Youtube - CurvySmoke - YouTube

Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/hookahismylifee

Instagram - hookahismylife

Facehook yes yes its also hookah is my life :P hahaha

Cya later!!! :D

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Welcome to the forum Lexi. Hope you enjoy your time here lol. We're a pretty friendly bunch and most of the members are quite knowledgeable :P

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Yea its a smaller bunch here but theres no drama and it's real chill haha

We're the nucleus to what is going to become massive within the next year :)

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