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What's your favourite flavour?

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Hi Guys - Hope you all have had a great weekend!

I will be opening a Hookah lounge in the spring. Obviously a lot of choice in Shisha brand and flavours come down to personal preference, however it would be interesting to see what the rest of the community prefers.

As a relative 'new-comer' to Hookahs, I have not had time to try all of the different brands, and the thousands of flavours that are available. So I wanted to find out what brands have impressed other Hookah lounge owners out there, and any flavours that would be a 'Must Have' for all good Hookah Lounges.

So far, my favourite shisha brand has been Al-Fakher, and I can't get enough of Grenadine and Orange w/Cream

So - What do you guys think?

Who is your favourite brand? What would you rate as your top 3-5 favourite flavours of all time?

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My favourite brand is Nakhla, because of its simplicity and ability to handle heat. My favourite flavors are Mint, Brandy, Watermelon, Raspberry and probable Strawberry.

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I am no expert or "officianado," having only tried two or three flavors from most of the handful of brands I've tried, but from what I have tried Social Smoke and Starbuzz are my favorite brands just because I like their flavors more consistently.

From those two I'd say my favorite flavors are Starbuzz Pirate's Cave, Starbuzz Acid Gold, SS Good Karma, SS Tiger's Blood, and SS Baja Blue.

I also really like Fumari's Ambrosia that I tried over the weekend. Need to run through another bowl to be sure, but I'd say it's probably up there with Pirate's Cave and Good Karma for me.

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nakhla, af, starbuzz, and social smoke are all great brands for lounges with minimal staff training and basic equipment. if you decide to go more exotic, get phunnels instead of Egyptian bowls, etc., fumari, Fantasia, and tangiers are great brands to have.

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Here are some of my favorites in no order:


Cane Mint

New Lime


Passion Fruit

Orange Soda


Chocolate Mint

Turkish Coffee

Spearmint Gum

White Peach

Ivory Coast


White Gummy Bear

Lemon Mint

Mandarin Zest

Blueberry Muffin

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