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Fantasia "Ménage" shisha

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[ATTACH=CONFIG]780[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]780[/ATTACH]Let's start off with my first EVER review of this shisha with this, this flavor is weird and can't decide on what flavor it wants to be. But I'll base my review on first impressions of having smoked it

Ménage is one of those tricky flavors that I just couldn't get use to, I smoked it from 3 different Hookahs, and each time they had a seperate outcome for this shisha. So I'll be doing three seperate parts by what Hookah I smoked from.

But first, first impressions: The tobacco smells great, a kind of Juicy fruit gum kind of smell with a bit of a cinnamon backing. The tobacco itself is a deep red and extremely juicy.

let's start on my small pumpkin, in a mini vortex bowl with one Fantasia High Air-flo coal.

It hit great, the flavor hit my tongue and I could instant taste the cinnamon flavor, almost a bit overpowering but still complemented the fruit flavors. Like all cinnamon shishas, this one does add a bit of a warmth to the smoke and by the end of the bowl, it became less aparent and became more fruity than anything. The clouds aren't much to brag about compared to other fantasia flavors, but still a pretty nice thickness to them.

Second, on my Lavoo with its glass vortex bowl and two Fantasia High Air-flo coals.

This time around the cinnamon flavor is a bit for promonent, the fruit flavor is still there but it's a tad feint comapred to the flavor I had experienced from my Pumpkin.

At around the 20 minute mark of my session, the cinnamon became extremely overpowering and had to let the coals rest to almost dead in order to smoke. I'm unsure if it were my fault and put too much heat on the tobacco or if that's how the flavor were to end up. Personally, it tasted like I was eating Big Red gum and doing the cinnamon challenge together.

Finally, on my Khalil Mamoon with phunnel bowl and two Fantasia High Air-flo coals.

The first 10 minutes of the smoke were great, the fruit and cinnamon tasted amazing, it mixed wondefully. Until, at around 11 minutes into the session, it reached the Point of no return. The point where no matter what you do, it just doesn't want to work for you. I tried rotating the coals, purging the chamber of stale smoke, clearing the bowl of residing smoke. There was nothing I could do to save the bowl.

Honestly, I love this flavor, it tastes great in small bowls and hookahs.

In larger quantities, the tobacco itself just becomes to overpowering and unsmokeable. I'll experimenting with smaller bowls on my KM, but as of right now, I'm still recovering from a burnt throat, haha.

I would HIGHLY suggest this flavor in smaller bowls and smaller hookahs where the smoke has a smaller chance of becoming stale and harsh.

Ménage gets a 7/10

overall it's a great flavor, but it suffers from the cinnamon being overpowering and too potent at points and not even visible at times.

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