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Going to Dallas

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I was just in dallas this last weekend actually, but I didn't go to any hookah bars in the city. I went to a small hookah bar down in Irving, Tx (just outside of Dallas) called Heat Hookah Lounge. It was a nice little place, but it is in a dry county so it is BYOB for a 5 dollar charge. It was very chill, and the owner and employee that helped me and my cousin were super nice and helpful. The only down side was price. It was fairly expensive. My hookah was $20. They range from 15 to 25.

I've heard good things about the Velvet Hookah Bar, so I definitely wanna hit that one up one of these days.

If you are coming down through I-35, there is a hookah bar in Norman, Ok. It's the one I get stuff from. It's a hookah bar/international market. When are you going to Dallas?

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