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Social Smoke Lemon Chill Review

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[hookah_rating ingredients=Lemon | Mint]

social-smoke-lemon-chillLemon and mint is a great combination.  The cooling effect of the mint mixed with the sweet sour citrusy lemon is really popular because of how refreshing it is.

Social smoke Lemon Mint is a good take on this idea.  The smell in the can is like lemon candy with a menthol coolness.  I don't smell much actual mint of any. The clouds are what you would expect from Social Smoke and are nothing to scoff at.

The flavor was a little lacking.  It's lemony and sweet with a minty coolness.  It's a good flavor I just wish it was stronger.  The lemon it dominant and I don't taste anything like a real mint leaf but it's a nice smoke.

6 out of 10.  I like this flavor but the lemon could be a little more realistic  for my tastes and I would love to actually taste some mint.  I have fond memories of picking fresh mint to chew on and I love drinking lemonade with fresh mint leaves.  If this flavor gets stronger and starts to taste like real mint it will be a favorite.

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