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What Is The Ideal Size For a Bowl?

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Hookah is one of those hobbies that can get a little daunting when you realize how many different kinds of stems, tobaccos, charcoals, hoses, bowls and bases there are in the world.

hookah-bowl-size.pngI have gone over hoses in the past and I am always trying to review new hookahs so this time I am going to look at bowls and how much tobacco they should hold.

In my personal opinion I think that the perfect bowl holds between 15-25 grams of fluffed up tobacco. Remember that grams are a measure of weight so the amount it takes to fill a bowl will vary with how wet the tobacco is. Ever wonder why a 250g pack of Nakhla seems to have more tobacco in it than a can of Starbuzz? That's why.

This opinion is based on the idea that you will smoke for an hour or so before the coals run out and that you are not going for a marathon session. If the bowl is super tiny and only packs 10g or less (you are not likely to find many bowls that small) the session will be short and your charcoal will still be usable when the tobacco is dried out and finished.

A bowl that easily packs more the 25 grams of lightly fluffed tobacco is going to smoke for a long time. Bowls like this are great for marathon sessions and parties where you want to keep the flavor going for a long time but they can waste a lot of tobacco if you stop smoking after the average 1 hour session.

I have some bowls that take only about 12 grams of tobacco and some that, when packed tight, can handle a full 50g sample. Each bowl has different advantages and properties. I will tackle that topic in a later post but, for now, I recommend sticking to the 20g range for adaptability and efficiency. You won't waste much tobacco and you can adjust your packing style to smoke for longer or shorter durations.

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