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Voodoo Sinful Strawberry

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[brand] - [Flavor]: Voodoo Sinful Strawberry

Amount Purchased: 50g

How is it Packaged: tin can and a single, thin plastic bag.

First Impression Smell: perfect strawberry smell. Not candied and not artificial.

Shisha Feel: look and feel of social smoke or Starbuzz tobacco, but very juicy like fumari or more so.

Bowl: Sahara Vortex

Foil: Social Smoke Heavy Duty

Wind Cover: Social Smoke tall wind cover

Type of Coals and Amount: 3 Starlights extra large

Clouds: HUGE, I call them "The Dragon"

Buzz: none

Flavor: Strawberry with nothing else added to it.

Overall Impression:

I couldn't smoke this one the night that I purchased it as I was traveling through North Carolina on my way to Myrtle Beach. I couldn't smoke the night that I arrived so I spent 2 days smelling the tin until I was able to smoke.

When I opened the tin I noticed the very strong strawberry smell that came out of the bag. My thoughts were: "My god if this tastes as well as it smells then I'm in heaven".

The second thing I noticed was all the juice in the bag. I've never had fumari, but I'm sure this is just as wet or wetter.

I also noticed that the tobacco is very red like Al Fahker but a brighter red.

So when it came time to setup the bowl, I had to use some paper towels because it really was very juicy. My hand was coated in red juice and I had to make sure to wipe the bowl from the excess juices.

The smoke was great. It lasted a long time. It didn't die down with a second round of coals. It didn't get harsh. It probably could have handled a third round of coals.

My impression was look and feel of social smoke or starbuzz, smell of a very fruity and earthy Naklah, and taste stronger than Naklah strawberry but not as sweet or candied as Social Smoke strawberry.

I will definitely smoke this one again and often.

CONS: After a few sessions with this shisha I only have two things that I don't like much. The tobacco is really really juicy so even using a vortex, the juices dripped down to the stem. Not a bad thing and I didn't notice until I was done smoking it. The session went better with a funnel bowl but there was still plenty of juices on the grommet when I was done.

The second thing that I didn't like much at all was that because is very wet and sweet, the aftermath on my bowl was a hell of a lot of charred juices caked on all over the ring and the spire, and I still haven't been able to clean it off. I'm sure I'm going to have to take the rough pad of a sponge to try and clean it.




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Damn! all my styling was lost when posting the review and for some reason the ipad doesn't display the rich HTML editing features on the site for me to fix it. I'll take care of that when I get home on Wednesday.

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Why not post it in the use blogs?

Ohhhhhh that's why I didn't get the rich HTML editing features. Duh! Ok I'll post it in the blogs. I knew I was doing something differently lol.

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ok, I moved this one to the blogs.

I'll be posting another one about Jewels Margarita flavor in a bit.

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