Hello everyone, for the month of October we will be running a Halloween inspired contest. There will be three rewards, which means three winners! To enter you simply have to decorate your hookah and snap a picture of it, with you in the picture, and upload it to this thread. If you don't want to be in the picture yourself, make a sign with your hookah.org user name on it and have it displayed in the picture    The contest will end on October 31st.    Decorations can be anything of your choice, so long as it is inspired by the spirit of Halloween.  First place will win a beautiful 32" Rotating hookah from Smoking-Hookah.com. Second place gets an interesting Flip Hookah Bowl from HookahHub.com. Third place will receive a cool Mystique Hookah Ice Tip from HookahSet.com.     Here is a fun video from our channel on how to make a pumpkin hookah. You don't have to make a pumpkin hookah for the contest. Simply decorating your hookah will be enough.