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Green Dacha Grill & Hookah, Las Vegas NV

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Let me start off by saying that this place is probably the best "get together" spot in all of Vegas. 

The other Lounges in Vegas are fantastic places to bring friends and share one of a kind experiences, but "Green Dacha" brings something to the table that other places do not, Good Food and Entertainment.

A definite spot to bring out of town friends or relatives if they've never smoked shisha before or enjoyed homemade Russian food, located just 15 minutes off the Las Vegas Strip.


"Green Dacha" is a family owned Russian grill and lounge that brings the "comfort of home" feel to a hookah lounge that I haven't seen done well in a while. While the outside may not look like much and normal passers-by wouldn't give it a second glance, what lies on the inside is what makes this place phenomenal.  The "Green Dacha" has a normal floor lay out of a sit in restaurant resembling something of your parents dining room, it's a very relaxed and mellowed environment that breathes family atmosphere with general coffee shop tables and seating.  But, now you're asking 'What if I have a large group of people with me, surely we can't all sit at a small 4 person table!"  I'd be happy to let you know that The Green Dacha also provides club style seating for larger parties up, with large leather couches and booths seating up to an estimated amount of 15 to 20 people.  


I started off my visit at the Green Dacha by speaking with the host "Alex" whom was very upbeat and caring to every patrons needs inside the lounge, making sure that every person was given absolute professional detail and customer service.  Including speaking with a tourist from Canada who had never had Russian food OR Hookah before.  I sat and reviewed the menu and found that it was small compared to other lounges that served food, each item ranging from $9 to a maximum of $25 for food and Hookahs starting at $12,95 with $9.95 refills.


The Hookah itself was an Egyptian tall Style come partnered with a washable plastic hose, loaded with Green Dachas own "Fruit Punch" tobacco mix of different fruit shishas. 

Coals used were either Coconara or Cocomazaya style coals on top of a Egyptian bowl.  I sat back and drew from the hose and was met with a pleasant medley of sweet flavors that mixed beautifully and filled my little area of the lounge with a sweet aroma.  


The hookah came paired with a wind cover, but I found it unnecessary until the near end of the session.


I sat a while longer and found myself completely enjoying the session until I snapped out of my little stupor and found the food that I had ordered was placed in front of me, hand battered fish and chips with a house sauce that made the food taste as if it were prepared by the most loving person in the world.


The Green Dacha also boasts the best nightlife environment without the hassle of a night club fee. Including Karaoke night on Monday and Belly Dancers on Sundays with a live DJ.


The Green Dacha is that place you have to visit and love in person, a definite spot for people who enjoy a lax dining environment but the thrill of a club and lounge.


HIGHLY recommend this place and I will definitely be going back, particularly on Belly Dancer night.


Website includes full menu and pictures of recent events



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I love that place. Thanks for the review to get me interested.


The manager Alex is a very down to earth guy. He knows quite a bit about hookah and his food is just out of this world amazing. He had some traditional Russian music playing that would switch to dancier Russian stuff. It was never too loud.


I ordered the beef and home fries and my girlfriend ordered fish and chips. She got a mountain of food for under 10 and my portion was no baby either! We also got the fresh mint black tea. It was better than we make at home haha.


For the pipe we ordered lollypop. A mix of lemon, cherry, and orange. Based on the flavor list I assumed it was AF. I didn't ask but next time I will! Anyway it comes to the table strapped down to a large metal tray with bunjee chords. That was a very innovative way to solve any rocking because they put them on the tables; as opposed to the traditional middle eastern fashion.


It looked like a mya pipe based on the way it screwed into the vase, the multiple hose ports, tell-tale downstem and purge, and the vase itself. The server placed it on the table and came back in ten minutes with 3 cube coals.


We began puffing on the Egyptian bowl and it really did taste like one of those marble looking lollipops usually next to the counter at a market. The clouds didn't take off until after we ate (the food came quick as we were one of three couples there the only ones smoking at that haha) and then the orange took center stage for a bit.


It was a good bowl but one drawback was that the grommet for the bowl wasn't dry or didn't fit right because our bowl did tilt... The average customer that doesn't know about these things happening would have been alarmed, but not The Dude! I won't even take points off for that because things happen like during sessions to even the best of us. I did see a few grommets, I think two  can't confirm the third because of the lighting, so they have to look into updating that. Still no points off.


Overall if you come to vegas, get down here. Right off the strip on Tropicana, which is a great point to jump off into any part of the city, the best Russian food in town, and cheap but quality shisha! Very homey feel, like you are a welcome guest in a Russian kitchen.

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Its on Tropicana? I will need to check this place out next time I am down visiting my grandparents then, it sounds amazing.

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Yep Tropicana and Decatur. like three or four miles off the strip.


Update: They are pharoh pipes and the tobacco is cuzzins the only exception is double apple which is nakhla. You get Nuhoses as the hose and the windcovers don't really fit over the bowls, but the food is fucking awesome. I ended up working there for a bit.

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