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Nova area hookah bars

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Just a quick list of hookah bars ive been to in the nova (northern Virginia) area. First is Dream Cafe located in manassas. I use to work at this lounge and ill try to leave a short unbiased opinion on this. Price as of right now is $14 for AF 15 for AF special edition 16 for starbuzz, fantasia, fumari, romman and 17 for starbuzz bold. Also a new head depends on what brand you had and what you want next. Price for that would be from 8 to 12 bucks. All hookahs used are KM. Depending on who makes your shisha the hookah is great. Over all rating 7 out of 10

Smokey shope located in manassas. So this place is more of a glass shop then a hookah lounge but they do have hookahs to smoke there. Price is 12 for Af and 15 for starbuzz. Hookahs are ehhh and they charge per coal after the first 3. I beleive a new head is 6 bucks. Overall rating 4.5 out of 10

Good times located in manassas. First look at this place most people wouldnt even go in. Its a random sketchy looking house. In side isnt as bad and they have different rooms for people. A "vip" room is available for 2 hours per hookah upstairs. Hookahs are about 12 to 15 bucks depends on the day you go. And they have af starbuzz and a couple other random brands im not to familiar with. One plus they have is they dont charge extra for natural coals and the food they serve is pretty good. Overall rating 4 out of 10

Pharaoh's located in sterling/Herndon. The only reason why i beleive people go to this hookah bar is because its open until 4 am every night, they let people smoke cigarettes inside and they have a dj on the weekends. Hookahs are really not well made but The staff on the other hand are very friendly. Really nice people. They serve food and from what ive had is really good. Overall rating 3.5 out of 10 mostly for the food and staff

Moes hookah located in sterling. This place is by far my favorite hookah bar in my area. $12 hookahs on week days $15 on weekends and $20 for fruit head hookahs which i beleive they only use pineapple. The staff there is by far the coolest people ever and are very friendly. They are packed during football season as they have quite a few tvs and a huge projection screen playing the games. Although they dont serve food they let you bring in whatever you would like(they have many options for food within walking distance). Overall rating is 8 out of 10.

This short list became longer than i thought but these are the ones ive been to in the nova area. Ill add more to this post once ive visited them. =)

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Nice review. Thanks


Do you have any pictures of those places too? 

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First two photos is for dream cafe, next to are for smokey shope, last two are for Moe's Hookah. Couldnt find any for pharaoh's cafe and good time cafe







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