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Astano Vidatu

Traditional Tobacco Flavored Shisha?


I realize that a lot of people prefer the fruit/dessert or minty flavors etc, 


but I was wondering if people have some recommendations for a more traditional tobacco style flavor?


So far, I've really only found: http://www.hookah-shisha.com/p-14173-sultan-asfahini-tombac-tobacco-ajami-hookah-shisha.html


everything else is fruit flavored or something, and I am kinda looking for a (not cigarette harsh or gross) tobacco flavored, more like cigar or traditional hookah  than a lot of the more modern shisha with all kinds of wild flavors. 



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Nakhla zagloul is the only one I can consistently find on many vendors websites. That is just a sticky molasses flavored tobacco no fruit no nothin'.


If you can find any tombac or jurak that is probably what you're looking for. But that is hard to find.


Maybe check out dokha. That comes from the region of dokha in the middle east and is smoked through medwakhs and offers an insane amount of buzz. Othmani (was once could still be) infused with dokha along with the entire line of nirvana. All of this is on medwakh.com


BE ADVISED. There is QUITE a bit more nicotine in these options and the clouds that you know from modern tobaccos don't come through, you just get wisps and nicotine essentially. Like a cigarette or cigar.



I wanted to do this a few years ago when I quit cigarettes but never could bring myself to enjoy the taste of what I could find. Good luck man, you'll need it in this quest.

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Thank you for the links guys!


I did check out the medwakh site, and it seems like it's all traditional dokha for the little medwakh pipe, while I think that may be cool I am really looking more for the hookah instead of a pipe. Plus, with all the reviews it says that people take 3 puffs and they are flying from the nic buzz and I kinda want something I can sit down with for a couple hours. I'll look around for Tombac and the Jurak though. 


Ty for the link as well Nima,  will go check that out now :D

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