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Mister Thrice

Mazaya Glass Hookahs?


So I'm a Mazaya moassel (tobamel, probably) fan, and recently have been seeing (alibaba.com for instance) a mazaya glass hookah that comes in a nice box and whatever...

but I can't find them for sale anywhere but bulk...


Anyone know anymore about this thing?  I have been entertaining the notion of trying out the glass hookahs, but dont want to spend the cost of 2 decent KM's on a piece of glass I'll most likely end up destroying...

Anyhow, just thought I'd toss this out...  If Mazaya made a glass hookah, I'd like to hope that it's more cost effective, like some of the Al Fakher glass argilehs...  

Also, if you have some glass hookah experiences, and have suggestions on cost-effective glass hookahs, let me know.  I know that Lavoo is not my scene, and I know that my interests in the Art Hookah will lead me there someday, but just dont wanna shell out $250 on glass right now...

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Mazaya is molasses based meaning it would be a molassal as opposed to the honey based tombamel. It's pretty damn red too, most honey based will have natural color.


I know what pipes you mean, I LOVE their white one that looks like porcelain but I too can't find any site that lists them. On the main site they have a few as well as Hookah-shisha but not the one I want. I have zero guesses to how good they are quality wise etc. but I wouldn't hold those al fakher models in too high of a regard, they are almost bottom shelf in price and quality.


I have said this many times and will always say it, art hookah is the only one worth the money. There is nothing like it. They have sold out every single time they have made new ones. It is the most sought after hookah in the last few years easily.







Your name has sparked me to listen to thrice - the alchemy index this morning. Thank you for that, nearly forgot how much I love this album. Fire and earth being best.

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Hmm... Art hookah seems to be the resounding answer, yet again...

Mayhaps I just skip it all and go straight to the Art.  I was planning on one someday anyways, I guess I just get it and skip the other glass setups until something strikes me again...


I appreciate the insights you've given...  I'm definitely taking them into consideration as I continue collecting these amazing pipes...


On the Thrice topic, I've heard their songs off and on over the years, but it wasn't until I joined a few forums that people have brought the band up.  Through that, I have looked up more and more of their songs, and must agree it's just good music.  Certainly worth the time, and great shop music.


As fas as Mazaya being moassel, that's good to know, because nothing against tobamel or the modern stuff, but I like my good old Mazaya, been smoking it a while and haven't had a flavor I didn't care for yet.  I mix their coconut with almost anything just because it's such a good after-taste, it brings out whatever you mix with it, my opinion.


Cool, well I'll keep looking for this mazaya hookah, mostly out of curiosity.  I'm always interested in new products, and peoples opinions on them.  I think my next hookah is going to be a Shika though, as I really like their double Kamanja, and their Cersie is great as well.  Love those bubbly bases...

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