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Mister Thrice

A question to you Boho people:


So I have the KM Kamanja, just the regular one-tier version.  I recently came across the Nizbor Czech glass clear and silver and I fell in love.  I have the Platinum Kamanja, and I recently ordered it a set of Lule trays, because I'm clumsy and the extra ash tray on the base has saved me numerous times...


But the standard clear/silver KM bases are so...  So I was wondering if anyone had stats on these bases.  I have contacted 5star about them, but am awaiting a response.  


I am doing a hookah tutorial video thing for my job and some PR with a local bar, and want my hookah looking as sharp as it can.  I'm trying to impress the boss' wife and their company, so being able to talk about a Bohemian glass base would just be the cherry on top.  


Thanks for your time, I'll check this after work.  I get my paycheck here in a couple days, and that is my treat this payday if the sizes work out!




for reference.  couldn't find anything on the site that discussed the sizes...

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In most cases boho's have been reserved for bigger stems. I too have the single tier kamanja and it's diameter is 1.75 inches. I bet the bohos have 2.25 or 2 inch diameters.


What you can do to fit the kamanja on slightly bigger vases is to buy the rubber band grommets that 5star also stocks. they are seriously a buck a piece. I have always used them and they work flawlessly underneath the black grommets or as their own grommets.


A few months back I bought a kafe and received a larger vase. Two rubber band grommets and the black grommet made a perfect seal for the larger surface but:



BE WARNED Not every kamanja will have that long of a downstem and these bigger vases will require more water to fill them to be smokeable. My downstem is 7 and a quarter inches so the 12 inch vase required WAY too much water and nearly sent the water into hose port/purge. You may want to measure your downstem then cruise 5star and hookahjohn for the most ideal size boho to your stem.


A 10 inch base is ideal, trust me, I just upgraded to a fumari base and needed the precise measurements.

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Most excellent, thanks!  The Nizbor on 5star appears to be 11 inches, or 'just under' 11 inches...  but nary a diameter can be found, on 5star, google, etc.. I'll keep looking and digging, and maybe I'll just end up calling 5star, they got a few minutes, they can humor a first time customer like me.


So, another question, glass or crystal?  Most cases it says glass, but is this czech stuff actually crystal?  Or is it just because the clarity is much higher that people assume it's crystal?  If I'm about to spend $75 on a freaking jar, I'd hope it would be crystal...  But high quality is important moreso than the material to someone like me...


aaaand since the large trays KM makes are few and far between to find (unless you buy a prince, no large trays or jumbo bases seem available...) I'm guessing I wont find any jumbo KM bases floating around... lolz


Again, thanks for your help!  


---PS--- Also just noticed your avatar...  hilarity.  I love it so much.... right on!!

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An excellent article!  MYA got a bit defensive, but it also appears they didn't care to comment on the follow-up question which makes me raise an eyebrow...


But where I get confuddled again is:


"To be a vase deserving of the BOHO moniker, it must also be made from crystal, which is a particular type of glass we will go over at another time."


Is there a follow-up article to this?  I am confused, because here in Washington state, Olympia specifically, local glass blowers started using quartz crystal for some of their bowls.  I've purchased a few.  They are among the most expensive...  These bowls are for pipes, and water pipes, not for hookahs, but that brings me back to the base question...  What is Czech Republic glass, and why is it so desirable?  I like heavier bases, that prevents tipping, I like crystal for other uses because of it's heat-retardant properties, which are amazing and exponentially better than glass, but do I like it so much more than the $20 bases?  I have a Large Lule tray coming for my go-to rig right now, the base will be well hidden most of the time...  Do I want my $100 hidden?


I have taken, lately, to upgrading my rigs.  Lule trays, more bowls (a horribly spendy and addictive hobby all by itself), more hoses, and now I'm looking at bases and am not looking forward to the $300 I've mentally spent on these things already...  But if this BOHO stuff is the bee's knees then I simply must try one.  


Again, I appreciated that article... I will continue my studies!  

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