We're close to improving the design of the blog. One of the pages that I'm improving is the new "Trusted Stores" page.    Right now the "Trusted Stores" pay us a monthly fee and if there is any issues with an order I try to mediate but honestly its really limited to active forum members.    How can we improve the concept of a Hookah.org's "Trusted Store" that it truly means they are a good store. Is the offer to mediate between the customer and the vendor, a good thing? or people won't care much about it?    Should we have requirement before a store can become a Trusted Store with us? What requirements?   I can't not charge the stores money because we have bills to pay but does the fact that the stores have to pay make the list not trustworthy? For example everyone that has a "Symantec" trust logo on their site, they are paying for it so I figured this is the same.    What are your thoughts generally about this topic?