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Hello again...

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Hey guys. I haven't logged on for over a month I think now, so I just thought I'd say sorry and I missed you guys :)

It all goes to show how the high gas prices can impact your life. Everything gets more expensive, so you have to work more, so you have no time to do the things you like to do. After the long day's work, all I have time to do is fire up a hookah. I mean I guess I could get on here instead, but everyone on here understands that it would be shameful to miss out on smoking a hookah because you were sitting around online talking about it:)

Anyway, I'm also working so much because I'm going to Palestine this summer. And I'll post lots of pictures on here especially because hubby's friend from back home owns a store full of hookahs, and I'm going to be getting a snazzy new one while we're there.

Anyway, I've missed out on so much stuff on the forum, that I can't let this happen again. I'm glad everyone else is a lot more diligent about posting than I am. Glad to be back.

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Guest trapman

welcome back indeed

the same thing happened to me, not enough time due to certain things

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