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SocialSmoke.com Review

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Considering socialsmoke.com is moving away from their current sales pipeline, I dunno if this is actually valid any longer, but here goes:


I've ordered from SocialSmoke.com many times in the past.  They're a great vendor.  I purchased probably 3 or 4 hookahs from them and only God knows how much tobacco.  I've never had a problem with them from the ordering process, but I did have one occasion where they were out of a tobacco that I ordered.  They called me the next day and asked what I would like to replace it with.


A friend of mine had a similar experience, regarding not having the tobacco ordered that was wanted in stock.  Both times these were non-Social Smoke tobacco though.


Either way, they're fantastic.  I don't know how their web presence will change once their stock sells out for online orders - it may just be tobacco only - but I'd highly recommend them if you like Social Smoke tobacco.

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