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Social Smoke: Ginger Tea

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Hello all, I'm here today to tell you about something that is not a standard for shisha at all. This would be Ginger Tea by social smoke.

Upon receiving my order this was definitely a stand out flavor. For a few months now I've been anxious to give it a try, but it always slipped my mind only to return as soon as I hit the "place order" button. Now that it is here I am kicking myself in the rear for not doing so sooner.

If you are not familiar with ginger, ginger is a spice used in desserts, teas, oriental cuisine, and many home remedies. Cardamom is also found in the ginger family just as a comparison. Ginger is a very strong spice that I use in my kitchen regularly. A downfall of ginger as a whole is how strong it can be and how it will overpower your palette. That is not the case with this shisha thankfully.

Right out of the gate the smell in the can will consume your nasal passages and remind you of a tea bag smell, that earthy, yet potent goodness! It has a fairly strong note of ginger mixed with a white tea note.

Upon taking your first draws you will get a mild note of ginger with a lot of white tea. Don't worry the ginger is coming. About 20 minutes in the ginger takes center stage and doesn't take kindly to having it's supporting actor, tea, being in the same scene. I'd say it works on the bell curve used in probability and statistics, low at the start and highest in the middle. It is a very enjoyable smoke as it is different than any other tobacco I've had grace my bowl.

In regards to flavor strength I give it a 7 out of 10 which is good. Once you become familiar to ginger you will most likely agree that taking a hit of ginger to the lungs wouldn't be too enjoyable. The tea notes come and go but it's important to be expecting a light tea note and not a black tea note as this is NOT a black tea type of smoke nor a true herbal tea note.

All in all this is either a perfect mixer when you want a spicy bowl or a great stand alone flavor. If mixing, I recommend getting either cardamom, lemon, mint, or chai and playing around with mixing percentages.

I would rate this shisha at a 8/10 because of how different it is. Paired with a cup of ginger tea itself I see this being a winner on a relaxing fall night!

EQUIPMENT: Khalil Maamoon Kamanja single, Egyptian bowl, Kaloud Lotus, 2 cocourth cubes, 1 flat cocourth coal, regular water in the vase, and a nuhose.

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