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All glass vs traditional hookah


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That is a good question, as an owner of both I can shed some light:

All Glass Pros:

Perfect glass on glass joints (read no need for grommets), various shapes and sizes, clean smoke (glass does not ghost), can be cheaper than more traditional hookahs (some glass models and brands), most build in a diffuser, most include a silicone hose with a glass tip.

Traditional Pros:

You can use any bowl without much of a problem (glass hookahs usually need an adapter to fit none glass on glass bowls), the traditional look, most often cheaper (most KM's are about 100-150, most glass only starts at 150). 

Glass Cons:

Depending on brand can be fragile, some models can not be opened making cleaning a bit of a chore, if your fittings are only glass on glass you must find an adapter to use other non glass on glass bowls, depending on the brand and model some hoses will not fit.

Traditional Cons:

Generally large, long piping is hard to keep clean without a long thin brush, can ghost flavors if not properly cleaned, if it is metal downstem rust can become an issue, you will need to buy a diffuser if you want one.


There are tons more, but really the debate can be boiled down: Both are really good at what they do, which one looks nicer to you? I smoke out of both of my hookahs interchangeably and I love my glass tank and my KM.

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What's the pros and cons of a full glass hookah compared to a traditional hookah

I have both. A km and two glass hookahs.

I'll leave out the round glass because I do not use it.

With a traditional hookah like a km you always need grommets which means you always have a risk of a broken seal letting in air. Most traditional hookahs are handmade and do not have clean welds. These welds over time weaken and you will need to repair them. These are the only two flaws of a traditional. There are many merits like hose choice, bowl choice, and sturdiness.

With a glass hookah you never have to worry about seals as they almost all offer ground glass fittings. Most come with silicone hoses and some with plastic washables. In most cases you can't use just any hose you want and will need a dhose or a hose with a ground glass fitting at the hose port. Some glass hookahs have a restricted draw and this is unenjoyable for me. I like it wide haha.

I have a dschinni that comes with a bowl adapter built in to the tray. All dschinnis have this. What's cool is you can take the tray off and use a glass bowl that has a male end fitting.

I like both style hookahs but I do like my dschinni more as of lately. There is less to worry about besides the usual be careful dummy this can break when I am cleaning it. lol. Nothing hits like a km or traditional hookah though, glass gives me a somewhat stronger taste but sort of an airier hit.

It really all depends on what you want as a hookah. Do your research on every brands models and you'll see what you want more!

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I must say I found myself gravitating back to my KM more when I am at home now that I took the bell off the end of it. I just like the ability to use my much longer and heavier hoses without worrying about tipping the entire setup, plus I have an OG Sympony bowl for my solo sessions. The draw between the two is interesting: My KM is wide open and feels almost like breathing when smoking from it where as my tank feels tighter but the clouds go for days.

If I had to pick one right now on the spur of the moment having tried both I would grab the glass just slightly ahead of a traditional, but only slightly. 

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