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Haze Tobacco: Candylicious

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Hello once again, this is DudeWHere'sMyHookah aka Rob bringing you another shisha review. This time I will be covering Haze tobacco: Candylicious!


I'll get right into it and say this time of year is perfect for this particular flavor. With Halloween just a few days away I went ahead and purchased a 100 gram tin of this to help me get into the festive spirit, needless to say I am not disappointed. This isn't my first procuring this flavor as my old roommate was in love with this smoke!

First off Haze is a brand of washed tobacco based out of Texas that is known to produce an insane amount of cloudage.... cloudage? Yeah I'll go with it. This tobacco is based with a honey binder as opposed to the traditional molasses found in the older brands as well as some modern. This tobacco takes heat remarkably well and in every can they include a packing tutorial that specifically says use one more coal than usual to achieve the best results. This tobacco also benefits from being over-packed densely.

On to the tobacco itself, this batch is a tad darker than the new flavors they have been putting out this year (2015). It is a brownish color that is absolutely saturated in glycerin or juice as some may refer to it. Upon opening the tin I am greeted with a strong candy aroma that I feel represents Smarties brand candy. I do get notes of that coarse sugar that is commonly found in sour gummy worms but keep in mind this will NOT be a gummy type of flavor. Diving further into the smell I can pick out a melon that I feel is similar to a heavily candied honey dew. I miss my childhood when I smell this flavor, nostalgic is an understatement!

Going on to the smoke quality and flavor I am very much enjoying my results. You get a nice candy coating on the tongue with a sugar back note on the throat. This is not subtle but not over bearing either. This is the perfect balance of how a candy type of smoke should be; not jarringly sweet but not too light that you feel teased! The smell translates verbatim into the smoke giving you that Smarties chalk candy with a heavier sugar note. You can expect huge clouds that rival your best sessions with every bowl of this.

This flavor will compliment a Halloween party, bring you back to your childhood, or provide a great smoke while you are pestered with the masses of trick-or-treaters that will be visiting you.

As for mixology I recommend mixing it with any standard fruit flavor especially the candy ones. Lemon drop by Social Smoke, White gummi by Fumari, Yummy madness by Haze, or Mighty Freeze by Starbuzz are all very good options for this flavor.

I give this a rating of 9/10, if you are searching for a candy flavor THIS will be a top contender.


EQUIPMENT: Khalil Maamoon Kamanja single tier, Fumari base, Dream hose, Tangiers small phunnel, Kaloud Lotus, 2 Titanium cubes, and 1 cocobuzz flat.

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