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Tangiers Tobacco: Birquq The Last Pie

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Hello, this is DudeWhere'sMyHookah aka Rob bringing you some insight on a somewhat new Tangiers Tobacco flavor, this flavor is in the Birquq line and is called The Last Pie.

For those of you that have heard the horror stories of trying to get a good smoke out of a Tangiers flavor and have steered away from black style molassal in general I will sum up what it is in the most basic terms I can. Black style molassal is a traditional form of tobacco that is made with black molasses. This particular method dates back to some of the earliest days of hookah consumption and creation. Black molasses is seen as a great home remedy ranging from hair issues to curing cancerous tumors. It is also known as black treacle in the United Kingdom and is widely used in desserts as well as sweeter dishes such as baked beans and gingerbread.

Tangiers brand only works well in phunnel style bowls in my experience as they are responsible for the phunnel product in general. The longevity of this brand is nothing to scoff at. I have heard of people smoking a single bowl for upwards of 6 to 8 hours. Personally I have got a 5 hour session out of a harmony bowl and their welsh cream flavor which I thought would never happen when I was first getting into hookah. Even now I think back and can remember laughing at just how long it kept going.

Again touching on the case of newbies that haven't had this brand of tobacco it can be a bit tricky to pack and acclimate. You are supposed to air out the tobacco upon opening for as little as an hour to several hours depending on your humidity as this tobacco is created in a mid level humidity in San Diego, California. As far as packing goes the creator states that it should be packed as dense as it is upon you receiving it in the package. There are many ways that people pack it, my advice is to experiment with it until you find what best works for you. For example I live in a dry area and personally find that If I sprinkle it in the bowl till just over the rim then dense pack till about a nickel width below the rim I get the best results.

The smell of this particular blend is very similar to pie filling for me. I can't pick out all the notes correctly but I do feel as though that it is a mash-up of Tangiers Maraschino cherry, Tangiers Boysenberry, Tangiers Brambleberry, and a touch of the cobbler part of Tangiers Peach cobbler. I absolutely love the smell. It reminds me of being in Marie Calendars or a small bakery.

As for the taste it is very reminiscent of eating a mixed berry pie. You get that sugary berry note and every now and then you will get a pie crust type of texture. It is very enjoyable. I make desserts every now and then and it tastes like the smell of making a berry compote. It's not a full fledged pie taste but it is very close.

Tangiers is known to be a bit heat sensitive although with the Birquq line I can usually add another coal that I can't use on the Noir line. Keep in mind that Birquq is a blend of tobacco that uses a bit less nicotine but still will have you feeling the effects more so than your standard modern washed tobacco as this contains no water to wash any of the nicotine out. I recommend eating a snack and having water nearby to avoid any nicotine sickness. The creator also states that Tangiers operates at around 300 to 350 degrees whereas your more modern tobacco operates at 225 degrees so feel free to pack on the heat as long as you packed it correctly.

All in all I love this flavor. I had always skipped over it upon ordering and now it will be in my rotation of flavors as availability lets me. It's a great flavor for any season and weather. As for mixology I found that if you mix it with Tangiers It's Like That Other Breakfast Cereal you will get a pixie stick candy type of flavor. I haven't mixed it with much else but go ahead and experiment with it, chances are you'll find a great mix for it.

I rate this flavor 10 out of 10. The flavor doesn't quit, the clouds are insane, and it takes heat very well.

EQUIPMENT: Dschinni Brilliant Mini Glass Hookah, Aluminum D Hose, two rounds of 4 cocobuzz coals 8 in total, and an Egyptian large phunnel.

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