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Hello there fellow hookah enthusiast! This is Rob aka DudeWhere'sMyhookah bringing you some more insight on the new tobamel on the market: Alchemist. The flavor I'm reviewing today is going to be Majestic Melon.


Now if you haven't read my other reviews on this line of tobacco and this is your first time hearing about it I'll provide you with some background information. This is a boutique or craft blend of tobacco coming out of San Diego, California. What makes this different from other tobaccos? Well, this particular blend of tobacco is actually aged in oak barrels much like bourbon and whisky are. Their process takes place over the course of two months or 60 days like some small batch alcohol. I'm not entirely sure of they do this when the tobacco is freshly picked and is dried in the barrels or if it is first dried then added to the barrels but I will be updating that information when I can accurately convey it. Alchemist offers two lines, the standard formula and the stout line. Standard formula which is what I'm currently smoking is very easy to pack, uses a honey binder making it a tobamel, is washed of all nicotine, and brings forth tons of flavor. The stout line is reminiscent of old style tobacco known as black molassal. This line uses nigero sun grown leaves that is also aged. This will have tobacco notes, a higher nicotine content, and unique flavors the original line does not as black style leaves absorb and react better to different flavors than washed forms of tobaccos.

Getting into the smell you get a nice initial note of honey dew. However this flavor isn't purely honeydew. When you smell deeply you get an almost spicy note which I contribute to the aging process. It's almost like Tangiers melon blend which is one of my favorite flavors of all time. Based on the smell alone I was very excited to jump into the smoke.

On to the smoke and the taste, you get very robust and huge clouds which can be expected from any alchemist flavor, they certainly did their homework. The smell translates almost verbatim into the smoke. You get a nice and sweet honeydew at the start which is almost like a candy similar to starbuzz safari melon dew. As your bowl progresses you get that watermelon aspect which isn't the juiciest part of the fruit but more like the end of the slice where you still have some of the red part but you are too resilient to take a bite and get the unwanted white part. This is a very enjoyable smoke. I can see this being a perfect alternative to those who don't bother with tangiers yet still want to try the flavors as this is a very similar flavor profile to melon blend.

All in all I really really enjoy this. Melon is one of my all time favorite things to smoke. It's quite majestic pun intended! I can see this being an epitome of a summer or spring smoke. Pair this with a watermelon punch or salad and you'll be a happy camper. This will mix well with other melons of course, mint, pineapple, guava, and peach but get adventurous chances are it'll pay off!

I rate this flavor a 10 out of 10. There are more realistic melon flavors but damn is this refreshing and relaxing.


EQUIPMENT: Khalil Maamoon Kamanja, Alien bowl, Kaloud Lotus, Shika og hose, 2 charcoflare cubes, 1 leonara flat, and regular water in the vase.


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