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Hello, this is Rob with DudeWhere'sMyHookah and today I'm bringing you some information of Adalya tobacco, the flavor being Maracuja.


Maracuja? Is that some type of dance? Some rabies infested mutt ravaging the countryside? Not even in the slightest. Doing research on the name I found that it's translated as passion fruit in English. Now that you formally know the beast I am about to address, let me get right into the history and what exactly a passion fruit is. Chances are you have had this sub-tropic fruit without even knowing as it is based in several desserts worldwide and is used in a variety of different juice blends. In my research I found that companies will use it as a sweetener of some sorts to give the juice more of a natural taste much like how you can find kiwi and pear juice in almost any can of Arizona ice tea. There are two types of passion fruits, a yellow and a purple. The yellow will grow to the size of grapefruits and have a pronounced acidic quality whereas the purple will stay very small and have a much stronger aroma. I'm happy to say this is indeed a purple passion fruit flavor that Adalya has tackled.

I'm a big advocate of Adalya tobacco which is still relatively unknown in the united states. Up until a few months ago it wasn't even imported here yet. What I like so much about it is the molasses used and the tobacco, the flavors are really good, but what comprises the flavors is personally what I like best. It's a very light molasses, not as light as something like Al Rayan but not as heavy as Tangiers and Al Fakher. I have no clue what type of leaf is used since this is a Turkish brand and it's hard to come by English speakers that know about those types of things, but I will add the leaves are perfect in this blend. They are nice and finely chopped, with a minimal red dye that looks more natural than dyed, and most of the stems are removed. This is a "premium" brand but offers a low price point similar to what other molasses brands go for in the U.S.

On to the smell, this won't be for everyone. I can very much promise you that if you bring this to a party it will be dismissed for a blue mist type of candy flavor. It has a very pungent and strong aroma which is a characteristic of the fruit itself. It almost stings the nasal passages with a sour and sweet smell, a couple times while writing this and taking breaks to smell it I just about coughed. Now if that sounds like a horror story to you stick to the candy stuff and leave this one the shelf for me, i'll certainly smoke the maracuja you aren't!

The taste is virtually the same as the smell, pungent, sour, and sweet. There is nothing I can compare it to. I guess I can stretch it and say if you took a guava fruit and dipped it in pineapple juice then dried it out and added the coarse sugar used on candies, especially those of Latin and Mexican descent you would be damn close to what this tastes like. I can't say it's natural since I'm inexperienced in tasting real passion fruit but I can't say it's candy either because it's unlike any candy I've eaten. I highly recommend trying this, especially for those of you bored with the same old peach this mint that guava this cinnamon that. It's not a normal flavor at all.

All in all I really enjoy this. I used to smoke haze sister mary elephant a lot for the sour aspect but now I've been on this tobacco for close to five months. I can't find a replacement. Just like with real world production of passion fruit juice additives this will be great with any fruit flavor or mint. I've found that guava, pineapple, tangerine, orange, and grapefruit are all fantastic options. Keep in mind the more acidic the hookah flavor the more balanced you can get this.

I rate this 9 out of 10. The sour notes can be a little much sometimes but when I crave it nothing will compensate it. Don't be afraid to try something new.

EQUIPMENT: Khalil Maamoon Kamanja, Standard gold trim vase, Nogoom hose, Egyptian clay bowl, kaloud lotus, 2 charcoflare cubes, 1 leonara flat

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