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Hookah.org Banners to Share

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I've had a number of banners made for our website. we're going to use them for our Instagram giveaways but please feel free to use them if you ever want to share our content with your friends / followers. 

The search function should bring the URL on all the articles fairly easily. Please let me know if you have any questions or need help and I'll be happy to help. 


Avoid Hookah Sickness.jpg

Hookah Brands.jpg

Make shisha at home.jpg


Orange Boowl Hookah.jpg

Pineapple Bowl Hookah.jpg

Pumpkin Hookah.jpg

Watermelon Hookah.jpg

Flying With Hookah Gear.jpg

Food and Drink Pairings With Hookah.jpg

Get More Smoke Out of a Hookah.jpg

What Is The Ideal Size For a Bowl.jpg


Avoid Hookah Sickness.jpg


Cleaning a Clay Bowl with OxiClean.jpg

Cleaning a Hose with Baking Soda and Vinegar.jpg

Cleaning a Washable Hose with Lemon Juice.jpg

cold smoke1.jpg

How to Clean a Glass Hookah Bowl.jpg

How to Pack a Hookah Phunnel Bowl.jpg

How to Pack Tangiers Shisha Tobacco.jpg

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Awesomeness! Time to get busy promoting

Very cool. I'm start sharing!

Hey Matt I sent you a private message.

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Michael (Sandskid) just designed a bunch more graphics to share online. I've added them to the first post of this thread. 

When sharing the images, dont forget to share the link to the article too. 

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