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Hello all, sorry for my absence from writing reviews. I've had so many new products coming my way that I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a review.


Anyway today let's talk about cloud 9. Now cloud 9 isn't the biggest brand in the industry nor do they claim to be. From what I can gather from online reputation, their site, and overall the products that were sent out to me, is that they love what they do. They are a company based out of California and offer unique flavor profiles that many others have not attempted.

    Now cloud 9 is your modern take on shisha. Very light on the tobacco tones, washed of nearly all of it's nicotine, and you guessed it is comprised of a honey binder. They are known to be kind of in the middle of the pack so to speak in relation of juice/glycerin content. Their un-dyed leaves are neither swimming in juice nor bone dry. Thus far I am pretty impressed by them to say the least.

    Upon opening the can of Caribbean Watermelon you are greeted with a very pleasant watermelon note that is neither sweet or artificial. It really comes off as being a natural watermelon in all of it's glory, rind and all. After I push past the watermelon a nice and refreshing note of lime comes my way. It's almost like the green skittle of skittles brand candy. Then at the very tail end I get this cold... I'm not even sure how to put it... simply a cold frozen smell. As weird as that may sound it makes this flavor a winner and is really responsible for rounding out the flavor.

    On to the taste of this blend, it is exactly what the smell teases at. I first and foremost get a watermelon. It's pretty sweet but not distractingly sweet. What I really like about this watermelon attempt is that it is NOT just another watermelon gum type of texture that molasses based brands all seem to have. Once I exhale I start to get the lime candy note. It is almost tart but it gives the blend this much needed citrus bite. It is definitely more pronounced when I am exhaling through my nose since this is more of a back note and not a forefront flavor of the blend. Lastly I do taste hints of this being a "frozen" flavor. It is so weird to explain. It is not a mint but not a menthol. It tastes like there is actual ice in the shisha. never quite had anything like it. Be advised though you will have to almost search for this flavor profile and those with weaker senses of taste may be disappointed.


    All and all this is a great flavor. It might not be the strongest flavor on the market but it is certainly not weak. I love the lime and frozen aspect of this and I'll no doubt be saving the last bowl of this so I can mix it with their other flavor called Bazinga. The last thing I would like to add here is that this flavor is modeled after a frozen dessert popular in the Caribbean that uses frozen watermelon, lime, and sugar. Now if that doesn't sound good to you during a hot summer day, I don't know if we can be friends.


EQUIPMENT: Khalil Maamoon Kamanja single tier, Km base with cold water, Dream silicone hose with a Round Glass hookah tip, Alien bowl, Kaloud lotus, two charcoflare cubes, and one leonara flat coal.



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