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What are you driving?

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Great thread. I'm a car guy and VW fanatic.
My current ride. A 2012 MK6 VW Golf GTI with manual transmission (because auto is for grannies)



I don't have too many pics on this phone . Will upload more from my other phone.

A few mods at the moment. Some hardware and engine software. Car makes 200kw at the wheels on a mild tune. Lowered with coilovers about 50% down. I go lower for shows but for daily this is how I drive due to some bad roads.

I'm also in love with the old Vw split window bus. But they are so rare and expensive I have to settle for models and pictures. Golf MKIV R32 on the table

This is my recently done dining area

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I drive a boring 2004 Dodge Stratus (just trying to keep it going till I get done with nursing school and can upgrade).

However... my car of choice to ride along in belongs to my significant other (he's been drifting for 10+ years, Nissan 240SX - currently installing a cage and new parts and doing a crap ton of welding).



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Nice, I used to have a 240 and drift.... but i wrapped it around a pole trying to be Paul walker in the rain

I'm surprised there weren't more posts though

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I'm around 540 to the wheels on a virtual dyno, I still have some more parts to slap on before we toss it on the rollers and get definite numbers. But I have full bolt ons, gt3076r turbo, 30 lbs of boost, and the R8 is my sons, can't have him looking bummy

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That's HP I'm guessing? Or Kw

Some more pics of my Golf



With the previous set of wheels. Those were OEM 2 piece BBS wheels.



All taped up for our clubs annual "Dubrun" in 2016




Ride height for shows. Car is still driveable and not right down.


Just a cool pic


Me and wifeys cars. She has a VW Polo Vivo, also running coilovers and OEM BBS wheels





And parked at the last show i attended some time back. I love shows, Cars all day as well as a hookah or 2 always lit.





@Honni your Evo seems pretty well sorted. Excellent choice in turbo. Over here the Garret GT30 is also a popular choice on the Golfs. 300KW at the wheels is easily achievable with a mild boost file. I've currently got the stock IHI KO3 turbo but my look to upgrade to a Borg Warner K04 turbo in the future. 

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