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I hope this turns out all right, every time I visit this site lately, I get a weird page formatting thing where all the words and whatnot is plain text on the left of my screen and I tried to upload one pic and it made like ten of them in a panel, so I'm hoping it turns out all right... BTW anybody know if this is just a glitch?  Can I get back to regular forum looking pages with the cool backgrounds and side bars and whatnot?  Because this seems like javascript to me,  without all the code... Its not my fav. by any means....



Recently got a KM Jumbo jar for my Platinum Kamanja, as well as the Sahara Smoke Scorpion hose.  I love them both, they really bring this hookah up to the completed stage for me.... I was going to get a boho for the Kamanja, but a KM in the color scheme I wanted it to be in was hard to pass up, as it's now like a 'matching' setup, and that makes me infinitely happy!!!

I also snagged some of the last Lule trays I could, as the company apparently when out of business and so what's left on the market is all thats left... I did manage to get their limited edition matte black in XL and Small, for the Dark Prince/Dark Syrian (both pipes are KM), and I really like how large the XL tray is... I can put drinks, my half a pound of Organic Flue Cured Virginia tobacco on it (for shisha DIY projects), snacks, whatever, it's rad!!

So yeah, that's what I've been up to with my pipes lately... Finally scored more free time, so I had to use it with one of my favorite hobbies!!!

My KM Ladies.jpg

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Nice work mister trice.
As for the web page issue. I just came across it today using Firefox but it worked fine with chrome. What browser are you using? I'll bring it up to Nima.

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Im on a mac, so safari... It seems to go away after like 6-7 pages of browsing/interacting etc...

Thanks for the compliments on the pipes, truly sad that Lule is gone...  Hope another traditional looking respectable tray hits the market, KM trays are cool and functional and all, but as a customizer I like options of course...

Hopefully getting a much larger rental (duplex) with my two roomies soon, and if we get it, I will have two rooms, which is good since I can hookah in one of them and keep my animals (2 snakes and 6 tarantulas and a parakeet) in the other room...  Just found a local headshop that can order me Tangiers, but only two flavors, Blueberry with mint and mint, so gunna buy that up and see what we can do about the flavor selection, since they have much more delicious flavors than that...

see ya round the forums homeys!!

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