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Mister Thrice

Still Dry in WA... sigh..

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Hello all, long time, no see...

Life has been interesting this year...

Many changes have happened in my life...

Many changes are approaching again...

But here I still am...

My hookah hobby is suffering, hence, I am suffering.

I am still having the hardest time finding shisha that isn't fumari, al fakher (which I can only find in maybe 6 flavors, pathetic), or occasionally, and I mean rarely, can I find Al Waha.  

I can still find fantasia, but, not by bag...

I miss Tangiers...  I miss it a lot...

I am down to one final bowl of the stuff... "Peach Iced Tea" has been so good to me, as all the Tangiers flavors have been...

But, I'm saving that for my Birthday, March 4th.

I am at my wits end.  I am going to road trip to CA to the Odyssey Hookah Lounge and LOAD UP on my shisha sometime in the spring, probly around tax returns, to get an annual supply of this stuff.  It's my favorite.  It's the cream of the crop, and I love it, need it, have to have it!!  Tangiers and Nakhla, my two go-to's.

I'm just here to say 'Hi!  I miss you all, I miss my sacred smoke, and I miss my hookah hobby!"  Also trolling for any info anyone has on where to get quality shisha in WA, preferably my two favorites, as I'm ***dying!!!*** to re-supply...

Hope you are all well this Yule (happy Yule to all!!) and hope to hear from some of you!!

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