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Hi all, just returning after a break ... Lets revive our favourite Hookah forum guys


Just returning after quite a big break ... Actually hookah.org app isnt working as of right now as well ... Thus checked it on chrome and voila ... 

Lets revive our hookah community again ... Let's share our thoughts nd experiences ... 

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I agree!!  This forum died, and I miss it...  For me, the hookah community seems to ebb and flow, and seems almost like a fad for 'most' people, but I've been involved in hookahs since...  I was a late teenager (just turned 37 this month).

It didn't help that WA passed some stupid law in 2009 which  ruined all my options for obtaining new, and my old favorite shishas, and up here, all any 'head' shop carries is fumari, or al fakher, and nakhla.  I love al fakher, and nakhla, but man oh man am I tired of fumari, and oh how I wish tangiers!!!

Yet, I still have my lovely ladies (my hookahs) and I still use them quite regularly, and I sure miss my online peeps to discuss new products with and hear about all these amazing new shisha's I'm gunna have to road trip two states south to get the opportunity to try!!  lolz

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