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My hookah is not giving enough smoke


Hi guys i have steelbase hooka... And it wont give enough smoke.. Sometime when i puff it back that ball baring stuck and after when i smoke it comes to its right plase... Is there any leakage with ball barrijg.. Please be advised as soon




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I'm concerned about the stem, the area that looks taped or has an acrylic connector above the hose port area?  Is that tape?  The stem should be an actual pipe, a solid tube running through the stem and heart, but it's hard to tell by the pics...

Also, it looks as though your ball bearing may be metal?  I recommend everyone to toss that piece of crap and get a plastic BB or airsoft pellet (bigger plastic BB) to replace them.  They dont corrode, rust, or gunk up as easy as metal does.

Also, when you clean your hookah next, put it in the base, and try 'hitting' the hose post like a pipe, and use your finger or palm or whatever to block the point of the stem where you put the bowl on.  If there is any leakage, you should hear a faint hissing sound where the leak is.  If not, then it means it's solid, and 99% chance its the purge valve BB.

Those are my thoughts on the matter anyhow...  Lemme know how it goes, and if the problem persists, maybe we can troubleshoot it some more :3

...it's a beautiful hookah!!

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