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Comparison Of Cosmetic Airless Bottles And Other Cosmetic Packaging Containers

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Cosmetic Airless Bottles    are considered a true breakthrough in cosmetic packaging innovation. The airless bottle prevents air exposure, which helps to protect and hide the cream, serum and foundation packaged in each container. Airless bottle packaging helps the shelf life of cosmetic packaging increase by more than 15%. The innovative technology used in these airless bottles includes a diaphragm to help evacuate the product and allow any waste to be used in the bottle.


Advantages of use Compared to other cosmetic packaging containers, airless bottles include:


The double-walled airless bottle gives the customer the feeling of using luxury goods. However, the double wall has a useful function as a double protector for internal products.


Clear plastic wall airless bottles are the perfect choice to add branding logos to the outside. In addition, it allows product coloring to be viewed from the outside to the customer before purchase.


airless bottles are also ideal for sensitive products such as natural skin creams, serums, foundations and more. In addition, due to the design and function of the gas-free bottle, it provides a lot of waste for customers and their special product materials.

The dose is accurate for each pump. As the piston rises, the customer will drop each product. This prevents customers from causing air contact and difficulty extracting the remaining product.


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