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LED Magic Light - Color Changing Mechanism Of Colorful LED

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To understand the principle of colorful LED illumination, first come to know the three primary colors of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). Different colors can be obtained by different combinations of these three colors. For example, when red light and green light are simultaneously lit, the red and green lights are mixed into yellow. The color change principle of the color change light is that when the two LEDs are respectively illuminated by three primary color LEDs, it can emit yellow, purple, and cyan (such as red). When the blue LEDs are lit, they emit purple light. If the red, green, and blue LEDs are lit at the same time, it will produce white light. If there is a circuit that enables the red, green, and blue LEDs to be lit separately, separately, and the three primary LEDs are lit at the same time, then he can emit seven different colors of light, so the colorful LED lights appear. The phenomenon, as they are superimposed, produces different colors.

The colorful LED has two pins, and the three chips in the package (generally red, green, blue, and three) have built-in ICs. When directly energized, the color can be changed into red, green, and blue colors. Generally, it is a transparent resin package. The discolored IC controls the discoloration through the IC inside when it is energized. Therefore, the colorful LEDs are actually three kinds of colors, generally red, green and blue. The reason is that they are colorful and have the following arrangement: red green blue, red and green mixed, red and blue mixed, green and blue mixed, red, green and blue mixed. There are two kinds of colorful LED lights, one is colorful flash LED: generally one color change cycle is 10-15S, the other is colorful slow flash LED: generally a color change cycle is 25-56S.

Colorful LED application

Because the colorful LEDs can emit different lights and have periodicity, they are mostly used to make LED magic lights, LED decorative lighting gifts and so on.

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