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Cornerback Greedy Williams was on his way to the first round

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of the draft in Nashville last week when he asked someone in his party if every player attending would be selected that night.He was surprised to learn that there are always players who are left in the green room once the first round comes to an end and he learned a few hours later that he fell into that category this year. Williams wound up being selected by the Browns in the second round and he was asked on Friday if he was bothered by not being one of the first 32 players off the board.“I feel like God’s got a place for everybody. My place wasn’t going in the first round https://www.brownsfanshop.com/Bernie-Kosar-Jersey ,” Williams said from Browns minicamp. “My place was to be in “The Land” and come build with a great team, great coaching staff. I’m just happy to be here, ready to go to work with the vets and hopefully we’re going where we’re supposed to go.”Williams added that being the seventh cornerback chosen was something he’ll use as a motivational tool as he embarks on his time in Cleveland.Williams made it clear where he believes the Browns are supposed to go when he said last week that they’ll be heading to the Super Bowl. Williams said that was “just excitement” about launching his NFL career, but no one in “The Land” would mind if he turns out to be correct. The jury is still out on whether Freddie Kitchens will be a good football coach. But at least he’s self aware.Peppered with questions about his decision to call a draw play on fourth and nine from the Rams’ 40 while down 17-13 with 9:19 to play, Kitchens repeatedly admitted his mistake.“Bad call,” Kitchens said. He said that the draw play was the call he wanted, and it was clear that he indeed knew it was fourth down.“It just did not work Sheldrick Redwine Jersey ,” Kitchens said. “It was a bad call. . . . We were trying to win the game. We were on their side of the field. Bad call.”It was smart to go for it in that spot, but Kitchens outsmarted himself by trying a run with so many yards to gain. Of course, if it had worked we’d be calling him a genius. Because it gained only two yards, not a genius.Making the decision to run on fourth and nine even more conspicuous was the failure of Kitchens to call a single running play once the Browns had the ball inside the L.A. five with 43 seconds left and time outs on the board.“I should have run it once,” Kitchens admitted. “Should have run it three times.”So why didn’t he?“I just did not,” Kitchens said. (Technically, that’s an accurate explanation http://www.brownsfanshop.com/Austin-Seibert-Jersey , even if not very insightful.)“I was being facetious,” he added regarding his statement that he should have run the ball three times. “I should have ran it one time. I should have. That is why I am kicking myself in the ass for it right now.”It all adds up to a very basic, candid self-assessment from Kitchens: “We did not win the game so I do not think I did very good.”The Browns are not doing very good this season, with a 1-2 record and real challenges looming against the Ravens and 49ers.

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